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Memories of Norman Land, longtime MU teacher | History of Missourian life


Dr Norman Earl Land Jr. was Professor of Art History at MU from 1975 to 2015, specializing in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods.

He was chairman of the Department of Art History and Archeology from 1985-1988, 1990-1992 and 2003-2004. He also served on the Faculty Council for University Policy from 2000-2003 and 2006-2012.

Land died Sunday, September 19, 2021 at his home in Columbia at the age of 78. He is survived by his two children, William and Sarah Riley-Land. He is also survived by his granddaughter, Della Riley-Land; brother, A. Parker Land; and his sister, Kay Lutz.

Julie Plax, a former professor of art history at the University of Arizona, met Land during her second year of teaching at MU. During his graduate studies, Plax was both its master’s thesis supervisor and member of its thesis committee.

She remembers having long, rewarding conversations with Land, whom she considered not only a teacher, but also a friend.

“Norman has always been very gracious and very helpful,” Plax said. “He’s been a big help in perfecting my writing style. “

His colleagues say he would become a teacher loved by his students and highly respected by his colleagues. His passion for Renaissance art was reflected in his lectures and he was always happy to help struggling students.

“He was always very courteous to the students in a way that seemed old-fashioned and formal and I think it was a little calming for the students at times,” said Anne Stanton, associate professor of medieval art history. at MU College of Arts. and Science and a longtime colleague.

Despite having large conferences where he could teach hundreds of students, he would stand at the door at the start of each class to greet them. He would also be sure to share his personal spaghetti carbonara recipe with every class he taught.

Land was an avid writer with several published works, such as “Potted Tree: Essays on Venetian Art” and “The Viewer as a Poet: The Renaissance Response to Art. In addition to books, he has published shorter studies, articles and peer-reviewed journals.

He has received numerous academic honors, including his mentor status for the Ronald E. McNair Fellowship Program from 1996-1998 and 2010-2011. According to his obituary, the academic honor he held in highest esteem was the Outstanding Teacher Award he received from the Kappa Delta Sorority in 2000.

Sarah Marsh, the former Kappa Delta student who nominated Land for the award, said she felt a close connection while being his student, seeing him as a role model.

Marsh said she struggled with depression in her freshman year and wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. After her first class with Land, she immediately changed her major to art history.

“His passion was really contagious. It made me want to dive in and really learn all I could about art history, ”she said. “He believed in me and I have always considered him to be one of the main reasons I was able to be successful at Mizzou.

Beyond the classroom, Land was proud and spent a lot of time with his two children. He and his wife divorced when his children were young, so he would drive several hours every other weekend to pick them up from their mother’s house in Cape Girardeau.

Activities he did with his children growing up included playing “Mario Kart,” visiting the Columbia Museum of Art and Archeology, and spending summers in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Thinking of his father, his daughter Sarah Riley-Land described him as reserved and introverted, yet compassionate and understanding. Growing up, she always felt comfortable coming to see her father with problems.

“He always made us feel very supported,” she said. “He was literally there for me every step of the way. Looking back, he was really good at giving advice and making us feel like everything was going to be fine. “

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The tragic life story of Zack Snyder’s daughter Tuko.co.ke


Autumn Snyder was the daughter of a famous filmmaker, presumed happy to live in the spotlight of her father. Not many people knew Autumn before her suicide hit the headlines in March 2017. What’s her life story?

Zack Snyder’s daughter Autumn Snyder posing for the camera. Photo: @cinefilaya
Source: UGC

A full member of the Autumn Snyder family is still missing and fans around the world continue to show fantastic support. It is difficult to understand why someone takes their own life, leaving their family and loved ones to suffer and suffer so much. Perhaps Fall’s life story and family history could help shed light on his suicide.

Autumn Snyder’s profile summary

  • Last name and first name: Fall Snyder
  • Nickname: Autumn, Snyder
  • Kind: Female
  • Date of Birth: November 27, 1996
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth: China
  • Age at death of Autumn Snyder: 21 years old
  • Nationality: American, Chinese
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Eye colour: Black
  • Hair color: Black
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Sexual orientation: Law
  • Father: Zack Snyder
  • Mother: Deborah Snyder
  • Brothers and sisters: Eli, Willow, Olivia, Sage, Jett, Cash and Ezekiel
  • Marital status: Alone
  • Education: Sarah Lawrence School
  • Job: novelist

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Who is Autumn Snyder?

Autumn Snyder was the daughter of famous director Zack Snyder. She was born in China on November 27, 1996 and was one of Zack Snyder’s eight children (biological and adopted).

After Zack Snyder adopted her, Autumn spent a significant part of her childhood in Pasadena, California. It is not known if she managed to meet her birth parents or what happened to them. When they adopted Autumn, Zack and Weber already had two children named Olivia and Eli.

They then adopted another girl named Willow. After divorcing Weber, Zack married Deborah and adopted Cash and Sage. On top of that, Snyder has two other children from his past relationship with Kristen Elin, who worked for him.

Zack Snyder’s daughter developed a great interest in her father’s profession and fell in love with the film industry. She dreamed of becoming an actress one day. Autumn loved to write and loved to update her journal, which she did for a long time.

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After high school, Autumn attended Sarah Lawrence College. However, she never completed her studies as she committed suicide a year before graduation. And that’s how Autumn Snyder and Sarah Lawrence University became a trending topic during this time.

The impact of fall on other individuals

Fall Snyder
Autumn Snyder (L) and her father, Zack Snyder, posing for the camera. Photo: @oussef Tarek
Source: UGC

Autumn Snyder was known to be a bright young lady and a great inspiration to many people. she launched Write-A-Thon Charity in 2014 to help homeless mothers. In addition, she also participated in Elisabeth House, a charitable company that helps the most disadvantaged in society.

Before Autumn committed suicide, she was working on a science fiction novel that she had composed. Unfortunately, the book has not been published and his family is expected to pay tribute to him by publishing it.

When did Autumn Snyder die?

Autumn died at the age of 20 in March 2017 by suicide. Meanwhile, Zack Snyder was accumulating the last phase of the Justice League movie. His death was a big blow to the family as they never saw him coming.

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The sad news even prompted the producer to take a break from the movie he was working on and spend time with his family mourning the death of an important member. During his period of mourning, he transferred all of his responsibilities to Joss Whedon.

Why did Autumn Snyder commit suicide?

She committed suicide after struggling with depression for many years. Even though she was on medication and therapy, she struggled to get rid of her condition. Her deep struggles were expressed in the plays she wrote.

Autumn Snyder, Zack Snyder’s daughter, exhaled her pain and was still seeking relief in words. Sadly, she lost her battle with depression when she committed suicide on March 12, 2017. Even though Autumn Snyder’s death was brutal for the family, her death helped create and raise awareness about prevention and suicide awareness.

How did Autumn Snyder die? According to one report, his blood had acute poisoning with citalopram and diphenhydramine. Acute Citalopram is often used by people with depression. The drug is sold under the brand name Celexa and is used to treat depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social phobia.

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In a way, the report shows that Autumn suffered from one of the above conditions. In an interview with Vanity Show, Zack Snyder remembers his daughter’s conversations about her depression.

Zack often replied:

Of course you are amazing! What do you mean by your worth? You are worth more than anything in the world! And she would just be like, ‘… yeah.’

Did Autumn have a boyfriend?

Although Autumn touched the lives of many people, she kept most of her private life. However, there were rumors that she was dating a teenage actor. Some people even believe that she committed suicide because of romantic issues.

The claims are sheer heresy and have not been confirmed. As Autumn has never spoken of her relationship life, it appears that she was single at the time of her death.

Fall tastes and interests

Fall Snyder
Zack Snyder’s daughter Autumn Snyder posing for the camera. Photo: @realbiographon
Source: Instagram

Autumn Snyder was interested in many things. She enjoyed spending her free time with her friends from school and enjoyed being surrounded by nature instead of going out for drinks and parties.

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Fall was also passionate and enjoyed charity work tremendously. She was a relative, helping out around the house, and was very close to Zack Snyder’s other children, his siblings.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League remodel in memory of the fall

When Autumn Snyder passed away in March 2017, her father was in the process of finalizing Justice League. He took a break to spend time with his family, who needed him the most.

The demands of this job are quite intense and consuming. I decided to take a step back from the film to be with my family, to be with my children, who need me. They are all struggling. I have trouble.

As a result, he left the rest of the production to Joss Whedon. Sadly, Joss curled up at the demands of Warner Bros. and incorporated plenty of rewrites and rushed covers, which clashed with Zack’s original creation. The result was a poorly made film that received devastating reviews.

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Dissatisfied fans demanded better from Warner Bros. and launched a campaign urging them to order the film’s version of Zack. Fans started the global #SynderCut movement, and soon after, Warner Bros. gave in to fan demands.

Autumn Snyder’s obituary was probably full of praise. She was compassionate and influenced the lives of many people and was heavily involved in various philanthropic endeavors. Although many knew Autumn Snyder after her tragic death, her memory is still alive almost four years later, thanks to her father’s dedication to honoring her life.

Tuko.co.ke posted an article about what happened to the Dooley family. The Dooley Family is a musical group that was popular between the 1970s and 1980s. It consisted of six siblings and a few other talented musical artists. They used to play using their real names; Jim, John, Frank, Kathy, Anne, Helen Dooley, Alan Bob and Walsh Bogan.

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Once they got into the limelight, they became the talk of the town. The group released a series of big hits, which increased their popularity in the UK and other parts of the world. Majority of their fans remember them for various hits such as Wanted and The Chosen Few. Since leaving the music industry, a lot of people have wanted to know what they are doing.

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Ritchie Valens: family, life story, net worth, inheritance Kenya news


The 1950s were a decade of music that changed the world. It was a time when high octane rock ‘n’ roll was unchecked and the possibilities were limitless for any musician. Many artists have come, including teenage sensation Ritchie Valens. Ritchie influenced the course of popular music. His two songs, the Bamba and Donna, dominated the charts in the late 1950s. He was so good at writing songs that the future was in his hands. Sadly, Ritchie didn’t live to face the sixties when Rock’n’Roll became the soundtrack of a younger generation defying the expectations of their parents.

Richard Steven Valenzuela poses for his famous album cover shoot in July 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Michael Ochs
Source: Getty Images

Ritchie Valens was an American singer, guitarist and singer. He was the pioneer of Rock’n’Roll in the mid-1950s and the founding father of the Chicano rock movement. Ritchie began producing songs in 1957 and had sold over a million records by 1959. Sadly, Ritchie died on February 3, 1959 in a plane crash with other prominent musicians, an event that would become later The Day the Music Died.

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Ritchie Valens profile summary

  • Last name and first name: Richard Steven Valenzuela
  • Nickname: Ritchie
  • Kind: Man
  • Date of Birth: May 13, 1941
  • Deceased: February 3, 1959
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • Place of birth: Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Age at death: 17
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mexican-Indian
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Weight: 75 kilograms
  • Height: 1.70 meters (5 feet 7 inches)
  • Sexual orientation: Law
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Father: José Esteban Valenzuela (1896-1952)
  • Mother: Design “Concha” Reyes (1915-1987)
  • Brothers and sisters: 4 (Connie, Irma, Robert Morales, Mario Ramirez)
  • Education: San Fernando High School, Pacoima High School (now Pacoima College)
  • Job: Guitarist, singer, songwriter
  • Kind: Rock and Roll, Chicano Rock
  • Instruments: Guitar, vocals, drums, trumpet
  • Active years: 1957-1959
  • Twitter: @ RitchieValens59
  • Instagram: @ritchievalensofficial
  • Facebook: @The Ritchie Valens
  • Website: ritchievalens.com
  • Net value : $ 500,000

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Early life

Ritchie Steven was born Richard Steven Valenzuela on May 13, 1941 in Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, United States. His parents were José Esteban Valenzuela (father) and Concepción ‘Concha’ Reyes (mother). Valens’ father died in 1952 when the singer was 11, while his mother died in 1987.

Ritchie Valens’ parents were from Mexico and shared Indian ancestry. Steven was the second born in a family of five children. The names of Ritchie Valens’ siblings are Connie, Irma, Robert Morales and Mario Ramirez.

Ritchie Valens’ brother, Bob Morales, the oldest of the siblings, died in 2018 at the age of 81. Growing up, Steven attended Pacoima Junior High School, now Pacoima Middle School. He also studied at San Fernando High School.

Ritchie valens
Richard Steven Valenzuela and Del-Fi Records President Bob Keane on a 1958 TV show in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Michael Ochs
Source: Getty Images

Valens’ love of music began when he was five years old. He began to play the guitar and the trumpet and later learned the drums on his own. The singer even took his guitar to school and sang and played songs to his colleagues.

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Family, wife, children

Ritchie Steven was only 17 when he died. He dated a girl from a wealthy family called Donna Ludwig. She was 15 years old. Donna inspired Valens to release the song Donna in 1959. A year before its release, Valens had sung the song to him on the phone.

Steven started singing for Donna another hit song called We belong together. Although the song rose to fame even after Valens’ death, it was the couple’s song. The love shared between the two was so immense, despite their teenage years. Donna had a scrapbook with pictures of her and Valens when they were together.

Donna dated Valens against her father’s wishes. Steven came from a low income family and lived in a cabin across town. Donna’s father ran a Packard car dealership in Beverly Hills. As a result, she would sometimes sneak out of her bedroom window to meet Valens in San Fernando.

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Without her untimely death, Donna would likely have been Ritchie Valens’ wife. But Steven might also have dated another woman before his death. The woman was from New York named Diane Olson. She showed up at Ritchie Valens’ funeral and told the Valenzuela family that she was engaged to their late son. However, no one knew about Diane Olson, including Valens’ friends, family members, and agent.

Professional career

Ritchie Steven started singing around the age of 15. He joined a group called The Silhouettes and performed concerts at local establishments. After that, people started to notice his talents, including Bob Keane, the boss of the record company Del-Fi Records.

Steven released his first song on Del-Fi records in 1958 titled Let’s go. The song became a minor hit because it was new to people. At that time, Keane advised the singer to shorten his name to Valens so that people remember it more easily.

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In 1958, Steven released two singles, the Bamba and Donna. Donna became the most popular ballad in the United States, reaching number two on the charts. But one thing unique with the Bamba is that even though it was a top 40 hit in the US charts, it also became a revolutionary song. People liked the Bamba because it merges two elements, rock and roll and Mexican folk music.

The double-sided A record of La Bamba and Donna were the last songs released by Valens. He has sold over a million records, winning a Gold Record from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Steven did not live to see the fruits of his labor as he died on February 3, 1959 in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, USA. The events of the day later became known as The Day of the Death of Music.

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Ritchie valens
Richard Steven Valenzuela in a movie from the movie “Go, Johnny, Go!” in 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Michael Ochs
Source: Getty Images

Ritchie Valens Net Worth

Ritchie Steven was only active for two years in the music industry before his untimely death. But according to Celebrity Net Worth, Ritchie Valens’ net worth was $ 500,000. He had only released two albums in 1959.

Ritchie Valens Fast Facts

  1. Was Ritchie Valens really afraid of flying? Ritchie was afraid to fly after two planes collided over his school grounds, claiming the lives of three students and causing injuries. The events traumatized Ritchie, hence his fear of flying.
  2. What was Ritchie Valens worth when he died? Ritchie Valens had a net worth of $ 500,000 at the time of his death.
  3. What nationality is Ritchie Valens? Ritchie Valens was an American born in Pacoima, Los Angeles, California.
  4. Did Ritchie Valens really flip the coin? Ritchie Valens launched the play with musician Tommy Allsup to determine who would get on the plane and go around.
  5. What happened to Ritchie Valens Donna? Donna has two daughters and her name is Donna Fox-Coots. She lives in a small community near Sacramento and has been married three times.
  6. Who inherited the money from Ritchie Valens? Valens had signed a contract with his agent Bob Keane, allowing him to retain most of the singer’s musical rights.

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Ritchie Valens was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He was a pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll and well known as the founding father of the Chicano rock movement. Valens died on February 3, 1959 at the age of 17. Before his death, his estimated net worth was around $ 500,000.

Tuko.co.ke posted an article about Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer, boxing promoter and world champion. He has won numerous world championships throughout his career, including three of four world titles in the WBO, WBC and WBA super middleweight divisions.

The boxer has won many belts due to his effective combinations in fights, many of which are nontraditional and creatively unique, with all-out attacks without worrying about defense. As a result, he took part in 59 fights, winning 56, including 38 by KO, one draw and one lost.

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Anna Stanley: Life and Death Story of Charles Stanley’s Ex-Wife Kenya News


Divorces are on the increase, and clergymen are not exempt because they are also human. They are also sensitive to the marital challenges that ordinary people face. The divorce of Anna Stanley and Charles Stanley is one example. Anna divorced her televangelist husband in 2000, which created public unrest, especially among the faithful.

Anna Stanley’s ex-husband Charles Stanley. Photo: @Andy_stanley
Source: Instagram

Anna Stanley rose to fame when she married Charles Stanley. Her husband was senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple made headlines in 2000 when they officially divorced after being together for more than four decades. Unfortunately, Anna is no longer since she passed away in 2014 at the age of 83.

Anna Stanley Profile Summary

  • Full Names: Anna stanley
  • Date of Birth: October 9, 1931
  • Place of birth: Smithfield, North Carolina
  • Date of death: November 10, 2014
  • Nationality: American
  • Kind: Female
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Age at death: 83 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Ex-husband : Charles Stanley
  • Children: Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley
  • Job: bible teacher
  • Famous as: Charles Stanley’s ex-wife
  • University: Richmond Professional Institute
  • Net value : $ 1 million

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Who is Anna Stanley?

Anna Margaret Johnson was born on October 9, 1931 in Smithfield, North Carolina. She was 83 when she passed away in 2014. For her college education, she enrolled at the Richmond Professional Institute, where she earned a degree in art. After graduation, she began working as a Bible teacher at the George Mueller Christian School.

Anna was previously married to Charles Stanley. They took their wedding vows in 1955. The couple were lucky to have a son and a daughter. Their daughter’s name is Becky Stanley, while their son’s is Andy Stanley. Their two children are active in the ministry, Andy is currently the pastor of North Point Ministries.

The untold story of Anna Stanley

Anna and Charles lived happily as husband and wife for almost four decades. However, after a few decades of staying together, they began to encounter marital conflicts in their marriage. It all started when they moved to Atlanta. Charles became busy with the work of the ministry, and he began to neglect his family. Anna felt hurt and rejected.

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As a result, she left their home and stopped attending her husband’s church. It seemed odd for a pastor’s wife not to go to church. Despite the issues that prevailed, Anna and Charles were both opposed to the divorce, and neither of them was willing to initiate it. In a surprising turn of events, Anna filed for a separate interview in 1993.

The marriage was long dead before Anna even set out on the road to separation. News of their separation was not well received in Southern Baptist circles, where separation was strongly discouraged according to Bible teachings on divorce. They went out of their way to reconcile, including marriage counseling with trained therapists and doctors, but it did not bear fruit.

Anna was forced to apply for a legal separation in March 1995. This time she wrote a letter to her ex-husband’s church explaining the reasons for the separation. Anna revealed that she had experienced marital struggles and disheartening disappointments with her husband for several years.

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Anna stanley
Anna Stanley’s ex-husband Charles Stanley. Photo: @charles_stanleymin
Source: Instagram

She further accused her ex-husband of never trying to solve the problem by choosing to work on her priorities. After a long and tedious legal process, their divorce was finalized on February 16, 2000. Stanley had chosen to resign after the divorce proceedings were finalized, but his church members voted overwhelmingly to retain him as pastor until he did. not remarry.

Despite appeals from some of the clergy, he continued his ministry and refused to step down for a time to put his life in order. He did not remarry after the divorce. Instead, he got busy writing books and serving in his church. Charles did not resign as senior pastor of First Baptist Church until 2020 when he felt it was the right time to do so.

Did Anna Stanley remarry?

Even after the divorce was finalized, Anna stayed out of the spotlight. However, she remained involved in several areas of church life until illness prevented her from participating. She remained celibate until the time of her death.

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So how did Anna Stanley die? Anna passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 10, 2014. She suffered from an undisclosed illness. She was 83 years old at the time of her death. Anna is survived by her two children, six grandchildren and a great-grandchild. A Service of Life celebration was held on November 13, 2014, at the North Point Community Church, Georgia.

What is Anna Stanley’s net worth?

Anna was the ex-wife of one of America’s most influential pastors and Bible teachers, and you must be interested in how much wealth she amassed before her death. She had an estimated net worth of $ 1 million. On the other hand, her ex-husband Charles has a net worth of $ 1.5 million.

What happened to Becky Stanley?

Becky is the last child Charles Stanley had with his ex-wife Anna. Unlike her brother, Becky did not follow in her father’s footsteps to become a preacher. The daughter of a pastor, she grew up sharing her parents’ time and attention with many other people. She’s grown up now and she’s married to John Brodersen. They are lucky to have three children.

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Anna stanley
Anna Stanley’s ex-husband Charles Stanley and her son Andy Stanley. Photo: @andy_stanley
Source: Instagram

The names of her children are Jonathan ‘Jon’ Brodersen, Annie Brodersen and Matthew Buser Brodersen. Becky has been married to John Brodersen for over two decades. She currently lives with her husband and children in Dallas, Texas. Becky and her children share a close bond with Charles.

Fast facts on Anna Stanley

  1. How old was Anna Stanley at the time of her death? Anna Margaret Johnson was born on October 9, 1931.. She was 83 when she died in 2014.
  2. Who are Anna Stanley’s children? She was lucky to have two children. Her son’s name is Andy Stanley while her daughter’s name is Becky Stanley.
  3. Why did Anna Stanley and Charles Stanley divorce? Anna divorced Stanley after going through marital struggles and disheartening disappointments for several years.
  4. Did Anna Stanley remarry after divorcing her husband? She remained celibate until the time of her death.
  5. How did Anna Stanley die? Anna passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 10, 2014. She suffered from an undisclosed illness.
  6. Where Was Anna Stanley Born? She was born and raised in Smithfield, North Carolina.
  7. What did Anna Stanley do for a living? She was one of America’s most influential pastors and Bible teachers.

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Even though Anna Stanley has gone through so many milestones in her life, she will always be remembered for being the ex-wife of famous televangelist Charles Stanley. She left behind so many memories that will remain engraved forever. His legacy and fame will continue to last even into the future.

Tuko.co.ke posted an article on the life story of Beth Thomas. The life story of Beth Thomas is extraordinary. While young children are seen as angels who can’t even harm a fly, she shocked the world as a raging child who had no conscience. No one could imagine that the term psychopath was used to describe a six-year-old.

Yet that is precisely what she was. Many believed that her future was doomed and that she would not grow into an average adult who made the headlines of the world. Beth Thomas’ story is truly inspiring and gives professionals a sense of hope as they continue to engage in old and new therapies with other struggling children.

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Write your life story


Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

You may have heard this saying. We have all had unexpected events in our life; things we hadn’t anticipated; things that didn’t fit the “plan”. Death of a loved one. Divorced. Job Loss. Sickness. This does not mean that the plan is destroyed. This means that we need to take charge of our own story and determine how these events will impact the rest of our narrative. After all, we want to be the authors of our own life stories.

According to social psychologist Roy Baumeister, “What sets humans apart from animals is not the pursuit of happiness, which occurs all over the natural world, but the pursuit of meaning, which is unique to humans.” So how do we give meaning to our life? Author Emily Esfahani Smith lays down 4 pillars of meaning: belonging, purpose, transcendence and storytelling.

A sense of belonging is essential to our well-being, but it can be difficult to achieve in the kaleidoscope of life experience. Today, 1/3 of Americans over 45 report feeling lonely. Loneliness takes its toll on our psychological and physical health, so it is essential to treat it seriously. The first step is to create a positive internal dialogue. Treat yourself like a dear friend, with compassion, love, and support. Celebrate your strengths. Then get out of your head and out of your home and start making more and deeper connections.

A lot of us get a career goal, but where do we find it outside of our workplace? A sense of purpose doesn’t have to be grand to be meaningful; we cannot all be a Mother Teresa. It can be a series of small steps towards a goal like being helpful to others, making a difference in the community, or raising a happy family. Use your strengths and put them at the service of others. Write yourself the story of how you can make your world a brighter and better place, and make it so.

Another component of meaning is the experience of fear, mystery or transcendence. We can find these moments in nature, prayer, meditation or even in a concert hall. These transient experiences are difficult to put into words, but the experience tends to be lasting. In a state of transcendence, worry and fear disappear and we feel deeply connected to something greater. Most of all, it helps us define ourselves in terms of something bigger than ourselves, giving deeper meaning to our lives.

Which brings us to the storytelling. Our stories can help us find meaning and purpose even in loss. Revisiting our history gives us the power to make every goal we set for ourselves easier to achieve. This new exercise routine: is it a daily struggle you hate, or is it an uplifting and energizing path to better health and more joy? Has this divorce destroyed your life or created an opportunity to become a more open, loving and thoughtful person? Take a look at your story. Should it be revised? Do it and discover the meaning, purpose and success that new stories can create.

What’s your story?

Trena Winans and Marilyn Brooks are two of more than 120 local residents who have graduated with a Wellness Science certificate. Winans is the Director of Education and Outreach at Senior Services – Midland County Council on Aging. Brooks is a retired educator. This year, the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition continues to provide a series of monthly articles featuring practical ways to improve wellbeing. Visit midlandareawellbeing.org for more information.

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Life Story: The Life of Christchurch Gallerist Judith Gifford in Fine Art


OBITUARY: When Judith Gifford arrived at 112 Manchester St in early 1975 to see potential space for a new shopping arcade business, she was confronted by a cheerful but clearly anxious owner. Not surprising. He was about to show this elegant woman utter calamity.

On her way up the stairs, Judith came across a room full of old motorcycles leaking oil on an ill-fitting carpet. The floor of the large room at the back of the building was splattered with coats of thick paint. Judith and her business partner Barbara Brooke were not deterred.

The main room had good proportions for a gallery, and there was room for an office, warehouse and a second exhibition space. This building, the couple decided, was the perfect location to launch a new shopping arcade, the Brooke / Gifford Gallery (BGG).

The last time Judith left the building was shortly after the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011. The building was totally destroyed. Judith’s long affiliation with this iconic place began with some chaos and ended dramatically with even more chaos.

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* Would you choose online art?
* Tribute stream for art dealer Peter McLeavey

Meanwhile, Judith, who was known to many as Judy, was the manager of one of New Zealand’s most respected malls. From 1975 until it closed later in 2011, the BGG represented some of New Zealand’s greatest artists including Bill Hammond, Tony de Lautour, Séraphine Pick, Peter Robinson, Euan MacLeod, Richard Killeen, Joanna Braithwaite, Shane Cotton , Terry Stringer and Andrew McLeod. .

Judith offered her support to the many artists she encouraged in the early years of their careers. After learning of her death, artist Tony de Lautour emailed the family to say “the faith she showed in me very early in my career, when many found my paintings confronting, helped me to reassure myself and to have confidence in myself to continue working in this way. ”.

Judith was born in Alofi, on the island of Niue, in November 1937, after her mother Marjorie Gifford (née Shadbolt) thought it was better to stay on the isolated island rather than risk a sea trip to the New Zealand. Judith’s father, Emil Algernon ‘Algie’ Gifford was chief engineer in the public works department. The family eventually returned to New Zealand, but with World War II casting a shadow over the Pacific region, Algie was deployed to Singapore with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an engineer for the Construction Squadron. ‘aerodromes.

Gifford ran the Brooke Gifford Gallery from the 1970s to 2013.

John Kirk-Anderson / Stuff

Gifford ran the Brooke Gifford Gallery from the 1970s to 2013.

Algie was killed in a Japanese air raid on the port of Singapore on February 3, 1942. Judith’s brother, Donald, was only a few months old at the time.

Judith was 4 years old when Algie passed away and, like many child victims of war, had only vague memories of her father. Years later, in 1994, it was a profound moment when she finally went to her father’s grave at Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore to lay a wreath.

When she was about 7 years old, Judith was sent to boarding school at Diocesan Girls’ School in Auckland, then Avondale College in West Auckland. She graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in 1958 and attended Auckland Teacher Training College in 1958.

In 1959, Judith married artist Quentin MacFarlane in Hamilton, and they moved to Christchurch for Quentin to take up a teaching post shortly thereafter. They bought one of the iconic Hurst Seager homes in Clifton Spur, Sumner.

The Gifford family.

Provided / Content

The Gifford family.

The house became her haven and she stayed there until 2020. Her favorite style was art deco, with each piece of decor carefully chosen for its artistic appeal. Her art collection grew as she knew and represented more New Zealand artists. She was also an avid reader, with a collection of classics filling the house.

Her first foray into the Christchurch craft scene began in 1970, when Judith and three friends established Mollett Street Market. They encouraged an array of skilled craftsmen to set up booths in the building, including toy maker Bill Hammond. Judith also worked for architect Peter Beaven at Beaven, Hunt & Associates Architects. It was a call from Barbara Brooke to visit the premises at 112 Manchester St that changed the course of her professional life.

Preparing the dilapidated upstairs interior to launch a new merchant gallery was a collaborative endeavor and carried out on a very tight budget. Barbara Brooke, who had previously been director of Gallery 91, requested the favors of her artistic community.

A piece by Bill Hammond, exhibited at the Brooke / Gifford Gallery in 2004.


A piece by Bill Hammond, exhibited at the Brooke / Gifford Gallery in 2004.

Rodney Wilson (former museum director) developed the site and lighting plan and Max Hailstone designed the distinctive BGG logo, which was printed at Caxton Press. Judith’s husband, Quentin, spent many hours revitalizing the space, including hand sanding the matai floors and turning the hospital curtain rods into a hanging system for art. Judith admitted a few setbacks at the time, such as when one of the assistants stuck the only bathroom door.

The Brooke Gifford Gallery opened in May 1975 with a solo exhibition by artist Tom Field and was followed by a series of group exhibitions with artists such as Colin McCahon and Toss Woollaston. This area of ​​Manchester St had a quite different vibe in the 70s.

There were massage parlors on every corner, the Smiths Bookshop was across the street and below the gallery was an antique store run by George Arneric. He hired the back room to the wizard of Christchurch, where his “army” would prepare an assortment of flour and water bombs for their mock battles.

Things changed after Barbara Brooke’s untimely death in March 1980. Judith now has to run the business on her own. In the years that followed, she proved her worth as a savvy businesswoman, and her professional credibility was recognized with her appointment to the selection committee of the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of NZ, alongside Hamish Keith. and Pat Hanly.

A piece by Darren George exhibited at the Brooke Gifford Gallery in 2007.

Kirk Hargreaves / Stuff

A piece by Darren George exhibited at the Brooke Gifford Gallery in 2007.

His iconic style has never gone unnoticed. Fashion-conscious, she was a distinctive sight driving through town in her black and white VW Karmann Ghia. She was also a politically minded feminist, coming from a family of strong characters: her aunt “Sis” was a nurse during the Spanish Civil War and her cousin (whom she remained close to) was the writer Maurice Shadbolt. She joined the Vietnam War protest marches in 1971 and supported HART in 1981.

In 1985, Judith organized “Seven Woman Artists” to celebrate the Gallery’s 10th anniversary, recognizing at the time that “it’s different today, women’s art is taken seriously now”.

Judith has always advised people to buy works of art they liked and regularly acknowledged the personal circumstances of some buyers, allowing many to pay for works of art over long periods of time. She was also generous to artists who were trying to establish their careers.

In the last period of her working life, Judith was supported in the gallery by her son-in-law Stephen Munro and daughters Anna Munro and Kirsten MacFarlane. The family organized a last exhibition – “36 years in the zone” – in 2011 in the Chambers Gallery space. The gallery officially closed a year later.

Judith MacFarlane (née Gifford) was born November 23, 1937 and died September 9, 2021. This life story was written by her daughter Kirsten MacFarlane.

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Evelyn McGee Colbert: The Life Story of Stephen Colbert’s Wife Kenya News


Stephen Colbert knows how to tame an audience. Since taking charge The late show in 2015, the multi-talented host made impressive progress. Without a doubt, he is one of the revered artists in the industry, but what is his personal life like? Well, that’s pretty happy. He is married to a beautiful bride called Evelyn McGee Colbert, who has been by his side for years. So what’s Evelyn’s story, and how did she meet the wonderful host to create a successful relationship?

Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee Colbert pose backstage at the Broadway musical “Hamilton” at the Richard Rogers Theater on August 23, 2015 in New York City. Photo: Bruce Glikas
Source: Getty Images

Artists always pique people’s interest. Why? Their lives in showbiz seem perfect, a sort of fairytale life with a happy ending forever. But what goes on behind the screen could be a whole different story than what fans perceive to be an ideal life.

Stephen Colbert hosts one of the most popular shows, which is about making people happy. Is his life the same? The host was fortunate to have a lovely wife, whom he adores very much. And if his tale continues, they seem happy and content with each other.

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Profile summary of Evelyn McGee Colbert

  • Name: Evelyn McGee Colbert
  • Date of Birth: July 23, 1963
  • Age: 58 years old in 2021
  • Place of birth: Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sun sign: Leo
  • Father: Joseph H. McGee Jr.
  • Education: University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences
  • Job: Actress
  • Joint: Stephen Colbert (married in 1993)
  • Children: John Colbert, Madeline Colbert, Peter Colbert
  • Hair color: Brown
  • To build: Mean

Who is Evelyn McGee Colbert?

Evelyn Colbert McFee was born on July 23, 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America. She is the daughter of a renowned politician, Joseph H. McGee Jr. He is also a famous civil lawyer and partner at Buist Moore Smythe McGee. He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1963 to 1968.

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After graduating from high school, Evelyn enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia, hoping to pursue a career in performing. She decided to take a double major in English and Drama, graduating in 1985.


Evelyn McGee Colbert
Comedian Stephen Colbert (R) with his award for Outstanding Variety Series won for ‘The Colbert Report’ and marries his Evelyn Mcgee-Colbert. Photo: Rodrigo Vaz
Source: Getty Images

What does Evelyn McGee Colbert do? She is popular for being the wife of successful TV host Stephen Colbert, but she has a fantastic career and has built a great reputation over time. Additionally, Evelyn is an occasional actress who has contributed to many major film and television projects.

After graduating from college, Evelyn McGee began to look for acting opportunities. However, things didn’t turn out the way she expected as she didn’t get any big acting gigs.

However, it seems like marrying someone who is in front of the camera a lot has done her some good. Evelyn tried her hand at acting after marrying Stephen Colbert, and it was successful as she landed various roles.

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She had already spent a lot of time showing her talent at the Heritage Repertory Theater, and it was not difficult for her to switch to commercial productions.

She got her first major television role in 1999 when she was cast for Strangers with candy. The television series became a success. Evelyn would later reprise her role in the TV series in a 2005 prequel with her husband, Stephen Colbert.

In 2012, Evelyn and Stephen Colbert appeared in the television series The next chapter of Oprah. She went on to star in the popular and highly profitable film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 2013. And she didn’t stop there that year since she played in another production, Alpha House.

How did Stephen Colbert meet his wife?

During one of his shows, he received a question from an audience member asking how he knew his wife was the woman he would marry. It is customary for the host to The late show come to warm up the audience and answer a few questions. So the spectators asked him:

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When you met the woman who is now your wife, how did you know it was her?

Stephen was ready to share the story, and it is one of the most beautiful.

Stephen and Evelyn grew up in the same area and knew each other’s families, but attended different schools. Fortunately, they met again in 1990, and soon after meeting Colbert had a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother about whether he should marry another girl he had seen.

His then-girlfriend had given him an ultimatum to get married. She had informed him that they had married or had broken up. However, Stephen was not sure about the marriage. So what happened when Stephen and Evelyn first met?

Stephen confessed it was love at first sight. They met at the Spoleto festival and fell in love instantly. Evelyn was dressed in a black linen dress, and Stephen realized from the first moment that he was going to marry her.

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They spoke at the show’s after-party and realized they weren’t strangers and knew each other when they were kids. Colbert thought McGee was having a conversation with him because he was polite.

When did Stephen and Evelyn McGee get married? Colbert and McGee were married on October 9, 1993. During this time, Colbert was not as famous as he is today; he hadn’t caught his big break on yet The daily show. Therefore, the wedding was not a star-studded event.

McGee’s Children with Stephen Colbert

Evelyn McGee Colbert
John Colbert, Evelyn McGee and TV host Stephen Colbert attend the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Photo: David Livingston
Source: Getty Images

McGee has three children in her marriage to Stephen Colbert: Madeline, Peter and John. They welcomed their firstborn, Peter, in 1995, Peter in 1998 and John in 2002. The TV host always talks about his children and his lively family. He even gave Buzzfeed a guide on his experience in raising children.

Evelyn McGee-Colbert Net Worth

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Unlike her husband, who has an estimated net worth of $ 75 million in 2021, Evelyn McGee’s wealth is unknown. Nevertheless, the talented actress seems to have done quite well, thanks to her acting career.

The age difference between Stephen Colbert and Evelyn

Stephen Colbert is a year younger than his wife, Evelyn McGee. Evelyn was born on July 23, 1963, while Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964. However, age difference has never been a factor in their relationship as they seem happy with each other. in their marriage of more than two decades.

Evelyn’s measurements

How tall is Evelyn McGee-Colbert? Evelyn is of average height and has a decent height that equates to her weight. On top of that, she has brown hair and green eyes which makes her look lovely.

Evelyn McGee Colbert is known as the wife of Stephen Colbert, a multi-talented artist and host of the famous The late show. However, many people are unaware that she has a promising acting career in which she has appeared in various movies and TV shows. His career is also interesting.

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A lot of people assumed the singer was married, but is he? What is his longest relationship? You will be surprised by the interesting facts about her relationship life and her position on marriage.

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Life story: The former city councilor and teacher left an imprint on Eau Claire, the world | Cover page


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34-year-old mother ‘caregiver’ with COVID sets up resuscitation machine after giving birth to third child


Autumn sculptor

A Cure for Fall / Facebook Autumn sculptor

A mother in Indiana was weeks away from welcoming her third child when she was diagnosed with COVID-19[feminine et hospitalisé.

Maintenant, Autumn Carver est maintenant sur une machine ECMO, se battant pour sa vie à l’IU Health Methodist Hospital d’Indianapolis, selon la filiale de NBC. WTHR.

Parce que Autumn, 34 ans, est allée sur la machine de survie le jour même où elle a accueilli son nouveau fils Huxley, elle n’a pas eu la chance de rencontrer son troisième enfant, a rapporté le média.

Cependant, avec de légères améliorations de son état, le mari de Autumn, Zach, a déclaré à WTHR qu’il espérait qu’elle aurait cette opportunité bientôt et qu’elle retrouverait enfin leurs autres filles, Harlow, 5 ans, et Sadie, 3 ans.

“Elle se bat toujours dur. Je suis super fier d’elle”, a déclaré Zach. “J’espère que dans un avenir proche, elle sortira d’ici avec moi … c’est la meilleure mère que je puisse demander pour nos enfants.”

EN RELATION: Une nouvelle maman n’a pas pu rencontrer son bébé pendant des semaines en raison de la bataille contre COVID et des regrets de ne pas avoir été vaccinée

Le couple, qui est ensemble depuis le lycée, a tous deux contracté COVID-19 le mois dernier après avoir choisi de ne pas se faire vacciner. Autumn a pris la décision après avoir discuté de ses trois fausses couches précédentes avec un médecin, a rapporté WTHR, mais dans un avis de santé jeudi, les Centers for Disease Control a averti d’urgence les femmes enceintes de se faire vacciner contre le COVID-19 en raison des risques importants d’hospitalisation ou de décès dus au virus. La grossesse augmente considérablement la probabilité d’hospitalisation ou de décès si une personne contracte le COVID-19, mais “seulement 31% des personnes enceintes ont été vaccinées”, a déclaré le CDC.

Lorsque le couple est tombé malade, Zach a eu une forte fièvre, tandis que Autumn – qui était active et faisait souvent des exercices de CrossFit – a souffert de complications pulmonaires, selon le média.

Autumn a finalement été admise à l’hôpital communautaire du sud le 25 août, où elle a été placée sous ventilateur. Deux jours plus tard, elle a été transportée par avion à l’hôpital méthodiste pour subir une césarienne d’urgence, a rapporté WTHR.

Huxley a fait son entrée dans le monde quelques semaines plus tôt le 27 août alors que l’état de sa mère s’aggravait, obligeant les médecins à la mettre sur la machine ECMO et à envisager une double transplantation pulmonaire, selon le média.

“La dernière fois que j’ai entendu sa voix, c’était le 25 août”, a déclaré Zach à WTHR. “La dernière fois que nous avons vraiment communiqué, c’était le 27. Elle m’a souri deux fois dimanche et elle m’a fait un demi-sourire hier. Elle m’a serré la main plusieurs fois. Mais elle est très sous sédation en ce moment, laissant ses poumons guérir.”

VIDÉO CONNEXE: Une femme partage la naissance de sa fille via Zoom alors que son mari est traité pour COVID-19 dans le même hôpital

Alors que l’automne continue de se battre, un Page GoFundMe a été créé pour la famille Carver et un la page Facebook a été lancé pour informer les proches des progrès d’Automne. Jusqu’à présent, la page GoFundMe a collecté plus de 40 000 $.

“Je suis éternellement reconnaissant pour le soutien et l’amour de tout le monde”, a déclaré Zach à WTHR.

Il a noté qu’il a pu rester aux côtés de sa femme parce que ses parents s’occupent de leurs filles et que les parents d’Automne s’occupent de Huxley, qui est depuis rentré de l’hôpital.

“Ses tomodensitogrammes montrent une amélioration et ses radiographies montrent une amélioration de la guérison. Cela va juste prendre beaucoup de temps”, a-t-il expliqué au point de vente. “[I’m] by her side and holding her hand and whispering that she’ll be fine and keep fighting. “

“She responded a few times with a nod or a wink or something,” he continued. “So I know she fights with everything she has. And I just have to be by her side.”

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As he continues to watch his wife battle the virus, Zach has a message for others who may hear his story.

“For all of you who think of Autumn… say prayers for her and for her healing, her lungs to heal,” he told WTHR. “[She’s] the most caring and loving person I have ever met. I’m not saying that just because she’s my wife. But it lights up a room. She has a beautiful smile. She is very caring and goes above and beyond to take care of her friends and family. “

“Fall will beat that and be back home with little Hux, the girls and me soon,” he added on the GoFundMe page.

Those interested in donating to the Fall GoFundMe page can do so here.

As information on the Coronavirus pandemic changes rapidly, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some information in this story may have changed after posting. For the latest news on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use the online resources of the CDC, WHO and local public health services. PEOPLE has partnered with GoFundMe to raise funds for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a GoFundMe.org fundraiser to support everything from frontline workers to families in need, as well as organizations helping communities. For more information or to make a donation, click on here.

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Cleric urges Christians to embrace positive lifestyle – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church, NEPA Road, Phase 4 Kubwa, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Paul Imafidon, urged all Christians to strive to be pious, thereby showing off the spirit of God in their daily life.

The cleric said this during the Thanksgiving / Alliance Day of Favor Services and the Grand Finale of the Nativity Day celebrations that were gathered with Yoruba nationality on Sunday.

According to the man of God, many Christians struggle with sin because of their ignorance of the true benefit of living a righteous lifestyle, urging them to strive to be positive in life and wait for the benefits that always end in joy.

Only godliness, he said, has the promise of the future and of eternity, emphasizing, “There is a way to everything in life as well as righteousness. Justice is a task that we all have to do on a daily basis, as is always not consuming water. Working in holiness is the only guarantee of being in one’s rightful place with God. When you are not godly, eternity is not in sight.

Speaking of pride as one of the products of ungodliness, the cleric, citing Revelation 21: 8, said that such practices would ultimately destroy their destiny as well as their unborn children.

He exhorted the members of the body of Christ to make up their minds and follow righteousness for he who created man is holy and cannot see iniquity.

According to him, “Repentance is the only way out, and abstaining from sin helps to build up spiritually, to discern right from wrong, and to do what is right in the sight of God and not of man.

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