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10 most shocking moments from Spider-Man: Life Story

Released in 2019, Spider-Man: Life Story was a six issue comic miniseries that took place in an alternate timeline where Spider-Man has actually aged since his first introduction in Amazing fantasy # 15 in 1962. The series was written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Mark Bagley, and last August the duo added another addition to the Life story timeline with Spider-Man: Life Story Annual # 1.

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It may not seem like much of a difference, but time manages to give the web-slinger a very different take on life due to a multitude of shocking events he goes through – and the same can be said of the heroes. and villains that Spidey has come in contact with over the decades.

Watch out for spoilers for Spider-Man: Life Story below.

ten Gwen Stacy discovers Peter

While Mary Jane Watson may be the woman Peter ultimately married, it was Gwen Stacy he first fell in love with. Gwen sadly passed away in issue # 121 of The Amazing Spider-Man in 1973.

In this timeline however, she managed to uncover Peter’s life as Spider-Man when he rushes to fend off Flash Thompson as he heads for war. And with this new acquaintance, we later found out in Issue 2 that the two had married, seemingly happily ever after.

9 Captain America in Vietnam

Captain America in Vietnam in Spider-Man Life Story # 1

Since the appearance of Captain America in Captain america comics # 1 in 1941, he dedicated his life to protecting his country and anyone beaten by bullies, no matter who they were. So it was not shocking to see him defend the innocent villagers of Vietnam during the war.

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His heroic reveal at the very end of the first issue as he shot down American soldiers before they could shoot an innocent woman, he proclaimed they were under his protection. What makes this scene shocking is his asking the soldiers to make sure they tell Iron Man.

8 The revelation of the clones

Peter Parker returns to the burning lab to save his beloved wife, Gwen Stacy, after the goblin blows him up.

Spider-Man’s “Clone Saga” story arcs have divided fans, especially in the 1990s, with the many issues surrounding the subject matter. Here, with Gwen still alive and married to Peter, some fans believed there was a chance this event had been overlooked in this timeline. But it was not.

During Harry Osbourne’s fight with Spider-Man in Miles Warren’s lab, it is discovered that Miles had created clones of Peter, Gwen, and Norman Osborn. And when Peter’s clone is the sole survivor, it is revealed that the woman who died in the lab was the real Gwen Stacy.

7 Harry’s death

Harry Osbourne jumps in front of Peter Parker and is punched by Doc Ock's arm, killing him.

When it was revealed that Peter Parker’s “clone” – Ben Parker – was the real Peter Parker, this sparked a rage that had yet to be seen in the wall-claw. However, during the brawl with the infamous Doctor Octopus, the villain attempted to hit Peter and instead hit Harry Osborn who dove in to save his friend.

This result was very different from how Harry died in the Marvel sequel at the hands of the formula that once gave him his strength. But what has remained the same is in their deaths that both versions of Harry have always expressed their love for Peter.

6 Cloning switch

Peter Parker and Ben Reilly meet on New York City rooftops to discuss their life-changing experience.

With the revelation that Ben was the real Peter from the start, a shocking turn of events in this series saw the clone give up the life he had lived for years so Ben could have his chance as the owner of Parker Industries. . It’s a heartfelt moment that one would think it would be avoided, especially with the controversy that the Clone Sagas past has been among fans.

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One big decision however was the very end of Peter and Ben’s meeting together, being the reveal of the Scarlet Spider-Man mask that Ben (the real Peter) pulled out of his pocket. It’s a big nod to the comic book continuity, one that looked like Chip Zdarsky was trying to hide as best he could until the very end.

5 Death of Ben Parker

Ben Reilly is held by the neck by Morlun, killing him.

Sadly, readers haven’t been able to see both versions of “Peter” living their happy lives for very long. In issue five of Life story, right after seeing Ben get shot for living as the real Peter Parker, he is killed by the villainous Morlun.

With Ben’s death, he revealed to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and forces Peter to come out of his hiding place and explain everything to the Daily Bugle. But, it also provided an exciting little flashback to Peter once wearing the Scarlet Spider-Man mask when he was aided by victims during what can be assumed to be the events of 9/11.

4 Stark versus. Old Avengers

In an alternate past, Captain America, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye arrive to aid Spider-Man and fight Tony Stark's forces.

All along Life story an interesting aspect was not only the differences in Peter’s life, but in those around him. So number six was incredibly exciting to see so many older heroes like Luke Cage and Hawkeye take on Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and the rest of Tony Stark’s forces.

Earlier in the series, readers got to see a large spread of the exciting Battle of the Secret Wars. But it shows a much more different set of heroes with some great Bagley designs.

3 Kraven-Venom

Kraven with the symbiotic Venom attached to him, attacked Spider-Man in outer space at a space station.

It should come as no surprise that Spider-Man’s famous storyline, “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” has appeared in this timeline. But, there were still enough changes that provided enough unexpected moments to keep fans entertained. And one of them was the reveal of a symbiote-clad Venom.

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After being away for a few issues, Kraven returns when an older Peter and Miles Morales are in space tending to a space station belonging to a missing Tony Stark. The crazy twist here was that Kraven was just a skeleton with the symbiote using him as nothing more than a puppet.

2 Miles and Doctor Octavius

With Doc Ock having taken over Miles' mind, he attacks Peter while they are in space, after Peter reveals that he has found out who he is.

What Life story exceptionally well led the reader to believe that the reader believed that certain scenarios were going to be cut or forgotten. But the fantastic team of artists here never skipped a beat and instead changed the script and provided surprises until the very end.

Instead of letting Peter take control of his mind from Doctor Octavius ​​like in the infamous “Dying Wish” scenario which led to The Superior Spider-Man, it was Miles who infiltrated his consciousness. This led to an exciting fight between Spider-Men.

1 The end

At the very end of Spider-Man Life Story, Peter tries to hold the space station together while the symbiote helps plug the big hole.

Finally after an abundance of references and well-traced twists, Life story ends with Peter saving Otto and Miles while trying to keep the space station alive long enough to activate his Doomsday Pulse which will shut down Doom technology around the world. But it requires a great sacrifice and a little help from a very familiar symbiote.

It might come as no surprise to some that Peter didn’t have the chance to live the rest of his life in peace. But there are still some who read these comics and like to believe that these costume-clad heroes get at least as many thanks.

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