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30-year-old man, whose life support was almost extinct, makes a ‘miracle’ recovery

Sean Chivers, 30, of Horninglow, Burton upon Trent, suffered cardiac arrest due to an undetected underlying health problem and, while in a induced coma, doctors advised his family consider deactivating their breathing assistance.

Sean Chivers suffered cardiac arrest due to undetected disease that led to kidney failure

A young man who doctors say would never wake up after cardiac arrest due to kidney failure is making a miraculous recovery.

Sean Chivers’ family have been urged to consider turning off his life support device after his condition deteriorated while in a induced coma.

But they refused and five months later the 30-something continues to defy the odds and can speak again and even make an infusion.

Sean, of Horninglow, Burton upon Trent, suffered hypoxic brain injury from lack of oxygen after “dead” for 30 minutes, StaffordshireLive reports.

His mother Michelle saved him by performing CPR under the instructions of the emergency call operators.

Doctors were finally able to detect an underlying health problem that was causing too much potassium in his blood, leading to kidney failure.

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Sean’s family refused to turn off his breathing assistance despite doctors’ advice



But they said that prior to the cardiac arrest, Sean would have lost the ability to walk and speak, as well as continued collapses.

However, he had not suffered from any of these symptoms.

The damage to Sean’s brain is still being watched and understood by the doctors as the patient continues to improve day by day.

Michelle said: “He’s our little miracle and I’m going to show him how much he is loved. I just want him to come home.

Sean with his sister Amy and his mother Michelle



“He did wonders.”

Sister Amy said, “It’s been a roller coaster of different emotions. The number of times we’ve almost lost him because his immune system is weak has been terrifying. It hasn’t been very pleasant.

“But he’s still there, we just have to accept that part of Sean is gone, no matter how hard he tries, but we love him anyway.”

Sean started to feel bad right after Christmas last year.

Sean is due home from hospital in August



However, her symptoms appeared to be nothing more than a virus.

In February he fell ill again before appearing to be recovering.

On the evening of February 13, a Saturday, Sean was in his room watching TV and Michelle noticed he didn’t look well.

Despite her son’s assurances that he was fine, she called an ambulance and seconds later he collapsed on the bed.

Sean was rushed to the intensive care unit at Burton’s Queen’s Hospital and placed in a medically induced coma for six weeks.

Only four days later, however, doctors told his family he was unlikely to recover.

After refusing to stop life support, Sean was transferred to the High Dependency Unit at Royal Derby Hospital.

At first, the doctors were puzzled as to the cause of the patient’s illness.

Due to kidney failure, Sean will now be on dialysis for the rest of his life.

He also developed epilepsy and diabetes.

While at Queen’s he suffered several severe seizures and nearly died before being transferred to the High Dependency Unit at the Royal Derby.

Sean is now at King’s Lodge, London Road Community Hospital, Derby, for rehabilitation.

His family have been told he may return home on August 11.

Due to Covid restrictions, they had to resort to daily Facetime with limited hospital visits.

Amy said they read messages of support for Sean and thanked everyone who helped her brother in his recovery.

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