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5th victim removed from life support in Corsicana killings


Staff report

CORSICANA, Texas — The 5th victim of Corsicana’s murder this weekend has died.

He is the second son of shooter Kevin Milazzo, 41, who died. He was removed from life support.

The death toll is now six, including Milazzo, who committed suicide.


The Corsicana Police Department received a 911 call just after midnight Saturday from someone who said Kevin Milazzo, 41, killed his family.

Officers responded to a home in the 2900 block of W. 2nd Avenue where they found a man and a woman dead from gunshot wounds.

They were later identified as Milazzo’s stepfather, William (Bill) Mimms, 68, and his mother, Connie Mimms, 61.

Two other victims were found in the house. Police did not reveal their gender or age, but said the two were taken to a Dallas-area hospital.

One victim has been identified as the man’s son. He has since been removed from life support.

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office responded to a second location near the intersection of Garrity and Stroud streets in Frost, Texas.

Deputies found two more bodies – Joshua Milazzo, 21 son of Milazzo and Hunter Freeman, 4, the son of Milazzo’s former girlfriend.

“A third adult female was also found with multiple gunshot wounds,” chief corsicana Robert Johnson said.

She was taken to a Dallas area hospital. His condition is unknown.

Detectives tracked Milazzo’s vehicle using his GPS navigation system.

Corsicana Police, SWAT and Navarro County Deputies located the vehicle on FM 1129, just south of Roane Road.

The police asked the monitoring service to remotely turn off the vehicle’s engine.

Corsicana SWAT officers then approached the vehicle and found Milazzo seriously injured with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He later died at Navarro Regional Hospital.

The names of the other two victims of the shooting are not being released at this time.

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