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Alta Fixsler, 2-year-old Jewish girl, Withdrawn her life support in UK despite parents’ wishes | JTA

(JTA) – A 2-year-old Jewish girl died in the UK on Monday after being taken out of the resuscitation system over her parents’ objections.

Alta Fixsler from Manchester, England, had severe birth complications that made her dependent on sustaining life from birth. When the medical authorities at the hospital where she was treated wanted to remove her from intensive care, her parents, both Orthodox Haredi Jews, sued the medical authorities, claiming that removing the child from intensive care would violate their principles. religious.

Chaya and Abraham Fixsler said removing their daughter from life support would be at odds with their Jewish faith. Judaism orders the preservation of human life and generally prohibits actions to end it, although rabbis, including the Orthodox, hold differing views in removing patients with incurable diseases from life support.

The High Court in London ruled in May that ending Alta’s life would be in her best interest, as medical experts said she felt unwell but could not recover or feel pleasure, the BBC reported. A British judge has rejected a request by the girl’s parents to be transferred to a hospital in Jerusalem. Attempts to make Alta an American citizen failed to prevent her death in time.

Sky News cited a spokesperson for the family who announced Alta’s death on Monday night: “Sad news, little Alta Fixsler’s life support was turned off this afternoon and she died in the hospice with her parents by his side.”

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