Life support

Alyssa Milano says her uncle is “on life support” after accident

“Doctors say every day is a miracle he still clings to,” she said.

Alyssa Milano said her uncle Mitch was on life support after suffering a major heart attack while the two were driving last week, resulting in a scary car crash.

“It was one of the most horrible moments of my life,” Milano said on Monday. TIC Tac, recalling how his uncle had passed out with his foot on the gas.

The “Charmed” alum also sent a “special thank you” to the “incredibly nice people” who stopped by to help him in the aftermath of the accident, encouraging others to help when they see people in the area. need.

“He is on life support,” she explained, noting that Mitch is “still conscious and unconscious” in the hospital. “My brother went there yesterday and played him some old songs and his whole body started to move, so he really loved it.”

“UCLA Medical Center nurses and doctors take so much care of Uncle Mitch, but he has a long way to go,” Milano continued. “He raised the fever last night of 103, so we think there’s an infection he’s been beating all the way through all of this as well.”

She called her uncle “a fighter” and that “doctors say every day is a miracle he still clings to”.

After thanking fans for their concern, the 48-year-old activist once again urged them to learn CPR.

“Please, please, please take CPR training,” she said. “You might be called upon to save a life at some point, and knowing how to do that is really, really valuable.”

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