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Barack Obama “flies over” his life story and beautifully explains why he is eternally grateful to Michelle Obama

When it comes to black love, former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are often admired and admired because of their moving and inspiring love story. So much so that in fact, there was even a movie made in 2016 about the summer they met and fell in love in Chicago (South side with you).

In a new interview with theSkimm, President Obama tries to ‘skim’ over his bestselling memoir A promised land in less than two minutes, and in doing so, he covers the ups and downs of his entire political career and still manages to sum up beautifully why his marriage to Mrs. Obama will forever be by our relationship goals.

Obama explained how much it meant to him that Mrs. Obama truly understands what motivated him and puts his family first, no matter what.

“I give Michelle a lot of credit for realizing that this was the core of who I was,” Obama said. “And that I couldn’t give up. Maybe she would give me some credit for putting family first and if at some point she thought it was too much, I’d be willing to give it up.

In his book and on several occasions in interviews with him on the subject, Obama has been very transparent about the challenges he faced as a husband, father, and state legislator early in his political career.

“I am marrying this amazing woman from south Chicago, Michelle Obama, who is skeptical of politics but thinks I’m cute enough to put up with myself… I have become a state lawmaker,” Obama explained. “In the meantime, I have two beautiful daughters. Tensions arise in our family because of my political career – that doesn’t make me such a good husband as I should probably be supporting Michelle while she takes care of the girls.

The couple will celebrate their 29e wedding anniversary in October.

Watch an exclusive first look at Obama ‘skimming’ over his life story above.

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