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Big Conn Trailer Reveals A Con Man’s Larger-Than-Life Story

When you have the Conn surname, you really have to be careful how you behave in a legal sense. It’s rather calling people to be a little wary of you, especially if your profession is that of a lawyer. Someone who certainly ignored this advice was Eric C. Connwhich will be the main subject of an upcoming Apple TV+ documentary series, The big con, which will chronicle the lawyer’s rise to the top on the backs of American taxpayers. During his criminal run, Conn defrauded more than half a billion dollars from people through a tangle of lies all pointing to Social Security fraud. Ahead of the series premiere on May 6, Apple TV+ released a high-energy trailer.


The incredible teaser reveals the lawyer-turned-hometown celebrity’s life and the corruption behind his work that can be traced all the way to the top. With a bright personality and a dazzling smile, viewers are taken into the world of Conn who, through commercials, billboards, photo ops and every other form of media you can think of, has made know his name. Specializing in Social Security, he soon dubbed himself “Mr. Social Security” who brought in clients in droves who were beyond struggling and hoping to get back on their feet.

If the scam seems obvious to you, wait, because it gets really crazy. A man with a rocket for the theater, Conn lobbied for the chance to be “the first lawyer in space” and owned a slew of brothels – one even being Halloween-themed. While the outburst and story behind Conn is both ridiculous and equal parts silly, it’s important to remember that people were hurt by his actions, which is what the show sets out to do. Through first-hand testimonials via the customers he’s hurt the most, The big con will focus its aim on customers looking for a helping hand, but only getting a kick when they are down. As for Conn, the mysterious man had and probably still has plenty of other tricks up his sleeve that you’ll just have to find out by watching the trailer.

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Known for his work on McMillion$Emmy-nominated filmmaking duo James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte are the creators behind The big con. The two also served as executive producers alongside Peter King with Matt Kaye and Shannon Pence serving as co-executive producers. The production company behind McMillion$FunMeter, also supported this project.

Alongside the four-part series airing on May 6, Apple TV+ will also launch its companion podcast on the same day. The podcast will dive even deeper into the wild story behind the crooked avocado. You can check out the hard-to-believe start to the series in the trailer below:

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