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Bold and Magnificent: The Rise of Jacqueline Macinnes Wood’s Son, His Life Story – Timeline with Photos

On March 3, 2019, the actress welcomed her firstborn into the world and gave her a name filled with hope and change.

It seems almost appropriate that, as Bold and beautifulof Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is preparing for the birth of her third child, we are celebrating the third birthday of her eldest son, Rise. He may still be young, but we can already tell the kid has his mother’s sense of style and adventure – and it was obvious from his very first Halloween that he was going to be one hell of a biker. Of course, the child still has many time to decide how he wants his life to unfold, and we have no doubt that his doting parents will cheer him on in whatever he decides to do.

All you have to do is check out this photo timeline and you will realize the same. So go ahead and scroll. And be prepared for some of the most amazing and joyful moments ever filmed!

Rise up

Wood celebrated the birth of her firstborn with some stunning photos, not to mention her and Rise’s first matching outfits! “We view our son as an uplifting force towards positive change and a better world,” she wrote, explaining that she and husband Elan Ruspoli chose their son’s name because it “signifies growth.”

A Boy’s Best Friend

It didn’t take long for Wood’s pup, Ja’mie, to welcome little Rise into the family and “gently lick his feet” as a greeting. “She thinks it’s her baby,” Wood explained. “If he cries, within seconds Ja’mie is there to watch him and give him sweet kisses. My heart melts. Consider ours already melted!

From Mother’s Day…

Wood celebrated her first Mother’s Day with an unusually adorable Emmy photo, Rise sitting on her lap as she got ready for the most important night of the year. “That’s life now,” she explained, “and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m getting ready in my kitchen because going from room to room with a baby strapped to you is impossible.

… On Father’s Day

“Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more than I already do,” one adoring mother and wife wrote of Ruspoli, “an even deeper level of love and awe filled my heart seeing you become a father. You are the most selfless, hardworking and loving husband. Rise is so lucky to have such a man standing up to call Dada.

Rev your engine

Mom’s brain is a real thing, so even though Wood slipped up and posted baby’s first Halloween a day early, she corrected her mistake on the real vacation. “You realize this is what it’s gonna be for the next few years,” she wrote. “Forgetting things… Anyway, happy Halloween!”

Triple Threat

That’s when Wood and Rise moved beyond mother/son matching outfits and mother/son/puppy matching outfits! We guess Ja’mie couldn’t stand being left out of the fun anymore. Three Hearts really is the perfect caption here.

dad goals

Take note guys! Wood clarified that “the sexiest thing your man can say to you is, ‘Baby, why don’t you sleep, and I’ll take care of our kid this morning. We can totally understand why she got “all hot and bothered.”

Like mother, like son

The actress learned a few tips from her own dad, like how to train well with a toddler! “I have a home video of my dad training with me when I was a baby in my Jolly Jumper,” she wrote, “now I do the same workout with my son in his Pretty Jumper. I finally get it, dad!

The tramps of the beach

After some time on the sand, there was only one way to end the day for Rise and Ja’mie – with what is hands down the cutest post-beach video we’ve ever seen! It can be so difficult to find the right position for a good, long nap.

puppy love

Yes, there were more Rise/Ja’mie ties, and no, we don’t expect anyone to complain. Wood’s pup must have been so proud of how “his” baby was growing up, and clearly he had a lot of love to share. “I could stare at them all day,” Wood wrote. So could we.

Haute couture

Yes, mom and son look fierce in their Versace, but that’s not the takeaway from this photo. Rise was up! It was a first for Wood’s little man, at least on Instagram, and Rise looked fierce while he did it, too!

Comfortable Comfortable

Once he had mastered the standing position, the next step was to stand in a robe, of course. It is one of the most important skills in life. Mom didn’t just show off the dress, though. “My world,” she wrote. “Happy National Son’s Day!”


We’re just going to let Wood guide you through this moment of sweet tranquility and wish you the same contentment that Rise did as you watched the sun rise. “Take three deep breaths,” she wrote, “release the tension from the front of your forehead and shoulders…Ahhhhhh.”

Wolf Pack

And then there were four. With the birth of Lenix, Rise’s family grew just weeks before her second birthday. So naturally, mom had to celebrate the birth of her eldest son in style, with the fluffiest and wildest theme ever. Even Ja’mie dressed up for the occasion.

Brotherly Love

Rise was clearly a natural for the big brother gig, teaching Lenix the fundamentals early on while Ja’mie watched over the two of them. And it looks like Rise went straight for a classic to help him with his lesson. “This little piggy went to the market,” Wood captioned the photo.

stay grounded

Almost the entire family – Ruspoli, Wood, Rise and Ja’mie – made contact with the ground beneath their feet for the perfect “Fam bam grounding sesh”. Lenix, however, went for a little theft. In fact, if Rise’s outstretched arms are any indication, it looks like he’s joined his little brother!

white christmas

Rise was finally old enough to help with the decorating last Christmas, which clearly made things easier. He took the lower branches and mom took the tall ones! No wonder Wood was “grateful for times like these.”

feel pungent

Helping prepare breakfast or working out for his lemonade stand? Or should we say orange juice stand? “Handpicked and freshly pressed,” Mom explained. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Rise helped with the picking. After all, we have already seen that he knows how to manage around a tree!

born to be wild

Rise doesn’t just make his mom proud – we’re pretty sure he’d make Steffy, who rides a motorcycle, proud too! The youngster has graduated from Harley-themed Halloween photos to motocross-themed training wheels. And the best part? Safety first. Rise was ready for anything.

bath buddies

Our regular readers definitely recognize this photo when Rise and her new adoptive “brother” joined mom to save water – and enjoy an incredible view! “Five minutes in my relaxing bath,” Wood shared, “it happens… Like clockwork. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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