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Children in Care Need Complete Records to Tell a Life Story | Letters

Kirsty Capes offers a powerful tale of the impact of receiving heavily written care records (“Secret of Who I Identity Devastated Me”: Could Official Records Reveal the Truth About My Childhood ?, May 15). Our identity and sense of belonging are tied to memories of our childhood, but for children in care, their records are often the only thing they have available to piece together their life story. Unfortunately, Kirsty’s story is not unique. Despite the introduction of legal guidelines, people with experience in care still receive their files with huge redactions, leaving more questions than answers. As parent companies, charities, and residential care providers, we have a duty to ensure that these records are filled with photos, stories, and milestones – items any parent would keep for their own child.

At Together Trust, we have substantial records dating back to 1870, as our founders recognized the importance of keeping records for the young people in their care. It is in our DNA to have our care records help people understand their childhood. It is a privilege to preserve and protect the history of the young people in our care, because their history is part of ours.
Jill sheldrake
Service Director, Together Trust

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