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Chy Anne Slick shares her life story at PEO | Way of life

“Nothing is impossible with God” is Chy Anne’s belief and her life story certainly proves it. She is doing her internship as a student pastor at the Zion Lutheran Church in Oelwein. She grew up in Sumner with family and friends who had little or no connection to the church. This led to life choices that she regretted and overcame in the years that followed – through her own strength, letting others help her, and finding her way to God and Jesus in the midst. of personal struggles.

A friend’s mother was a Bible reader and Chy Anne first became interested in the Old Testament, then the New. She is halfway through her studies to enter the ministry. She takes religion classes at Wartburg in Waverly, followed by seminary, graduating in 2025. All this while raising two young sons who are very supportive of their mother.

She also thanks members of Zion Church, Pastor Josh Schunk, and other individuals and organizations in that community for helping her on her pilgrimage to health, finding a home for her family, and a good life with a promising future.

She feels that she has become more open-minded and very resourceful as she has matured. She said, “Never ignore a phone number someone gave you for help.” She refers to this part of her journey as her recovery.

She is active in the church – preaching, working with young people, building relationships and friendships in the community, and learning all her life, while remaining active in her sons’ activities and school. She greatly touched and inspired those present.

Her story reminds all who hear her that people need to be supported and not judged, especially young people.

Diane King chaired the business meeting. Chaplain Linda Jensen read the book of Acts. The next meeting will be Monday, June 20 at Grace United Methodist Church (note location change) at 1 p.m. The program will share summer plans and convention highlights by Diane King.

Members passed the bag of blessings mentioning various things for which they are grateful: the wedding of a grandson, the retirement of a daughter from teaching, visits from family members, healing of wounds and illnesses, graduations and gatherings, surprises at a 60th wedding anniversary, an engagement, 28 years of meetings between sisters.

President Diane thanked hostesses Betty Blunt and Karen Bouska for their rainbow of refreshments.

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