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Cody Johnson brings his life story to the big screen in upcoming film – Celeb Secrets Country

Cody johnson is well known for his sold-out concerts, but the artist captivated audiences in a different way. The former rodeo star turned country music star is bringing his unique story to the big screen with his upcoming film, Dear Rodeo: Cody Johnson’s Story.

Those who are to appear in the touching story include Reba McEntire, Navy Seal Chris Kyle’s widow Taya, Houston Ranch James barton, Johnson spouse Brandi johnson, its producer Trent Willmon, his pastor Randy Weaver and his high school teachers.

Realized by Shaun Money, the film will take viewers through Johnson’s journey, from his days as a bull rider, to his first gig, to sold-out shows.

According to the official Cody Johnson Film website, this project takes the story fans tasted in his song “Dear Rodeo” and paints a complete picture.

“Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story, an all-new feature-length cinematic documentary, is the much larger picture, recounting Johnson’s real-life journey from the dusty rodeo arenas of rural Texas to some of America’s greatest musical stages.

CMT reports that Johnson shared that while the film focuses on her life story, many will see parallels with their own lives.

“It went from the story of my life to the story of everyone’s life,” said Johnson.The “On My Way To You” singer recently made headlines at COJO Nation via an Instagram post.

As Johnson points out in the enthralling article, tickets for the coveted film in theaters from August 10 will be available for purchase on July 14. Those who wish to stay in the know can register at for more information.

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