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Compare Netflix’s Halston Costumes to Actual Style

New York-based costume designer Jeriana San Juan is the origin of fashion in the new miniseries of Netflix Halston, which explores the life of the iconic American designer in the 1970s. San Juan, who also worked on shows you may have heard of as Saturday Night Live and Gossip Girl, created most of the pieces you see in the five episodes, which were written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Daniel Minahan.

“Once you start looking for vintage Halston, people start to expand your network and be like, ‘Well I got nothing, but I know someone who has Ultrasuede. “”

“It was really about designing with someone else’s voice, which is a fun exercise,” she told POPSUGAR. A fun exercise, of course, or pretty much the most Herculean task anyone could take on. But San Juan, an industry vet, has connections and bought a lot of vintage when she could.

“Lots of daily finds were on The True, which I loved using because it’s so easy to find things by designer, and I really wanted to see some of those vintage 70s Missoni knits, for example. I found people who were vintage designer collectors willing to lend or sell me pieces. Once you start looking for vintage Halston people start to expand your network and be like, “Well I have nothing but I know someone who has Ultrasuede,” San said. Juan, calling out Halston’s decadent signing on the hardware, which was an important part of his story. “I really had to sniff it out. I felt like a private investigator when I started because I had to go down wormholes to find vintage collectors specifically Halston.”

The cast of the Netflix series had the utmost respect for San Juan’s creativity. I also spoke to the actor Gian Franco Rodriguez, who plays Halston’s lover, Victor Hugo, who has the most colorful demeanor of any character in the series. “Please watch the show to see Jeriana’s work of art. Every piece of clothing for every character is a statement, and we hope people enjoy her and come to love her work as much as all of us,” a- he told POPSUGAR.

Rodriguez is right. After having watched Halston, I couldn’t help but sift through old photos from decades gone by to compare Jeriana’s costumes to the wardrobes of famous people pictured here – Liza Minnelli (played by Krysta Rodriguez) and Elsa Peretti (Rebecca Dayan ) included. The performances are weird, and it’s all thanks to San Juan’s research and talent. “I thought it was important for me to read all I could and consume all the images I could. I came here wanting to make the most accurate representation of everything, but then had to wear another hat as a costume designer where I had to know when to speak the truth accurately and when I could develop and take the story and run with it in order to tell a better story … it didn’t always involve direct copying . “

Coming up, read more of our interviews with San Juan and Rodriguez and browse the photos that prove what we now know to be true: Talking about the fashion in Halston’s life comes down to the details.

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