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Competitive race in District 4 in Detroit, teenager out of life support after driving, Moroun land agreement

Detroit District 4 is home to nearly 100,000 people and tomorrow they will decide who represents them on city council in a race that will likely be played on the wire between ML Elrick and Latisha Johnson.

When the last vote is counted tomorrow, a new face will be elected to represent Detroit 4th District.

Johnson has 14 years of experience as a community volunteer.

“I have 14 years of proven track record of the integrity of working on behalf of the residents of the community, and just making sure people know who I am – because I think that says a lot,” said she declared.

Elrick is a former FOX 2 and Detroit Free Press reporter who says his experience with empowering people will translate directly into public service.

“I’m really looking forward to using my knowledge of how government should work, how it didn’t work and applying it to make sure government works,” he said.

Both candidates are vying for a vacant post following Andre Spivey’s resignation this year after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges.

“When I quit my job as a reporter, I thought we had a corruption problem at Town Hall,” Elrick said. “Turns out it’s worse than I thought. So it seems like the right candidate at the right time to get us back on track.

“It has a lot to do with people being in office for a longer period of time, where they feel comfortable,” Johnson said. “They can have friends that they’ve made over the years, and they relax a bit – and that’s something I’m extremely aware of.”

When it comes to allowing them to navigate the waters of public service without getting caught up in scandal, they say the answer is transparency.

“The problem with city council right now is that it won’t answer any questions,” Elrick said. “I will answer all questions.”

Even when some wonder who is contributing to his campaign, Johnson maintains that it cannot be bought.

“I know who I am,” she said. “I know why I’m doing this, and it’s really because so many residents have contacted me and said, ‘Latisha, we need you to do this, because you know who we are. You know who we deal with in our communities, and you have the experience to lead. ‘”

Community volunteer Latisha Johnson, left and former journalist ML Elrick.

Both contestants approached this race in a similar fashion using fierce ground games. They are knocking on doors and talking to voters, so as the polls close on Tuesday they both say they plan to leave nothing on the table.

Detroit teenager withdrew his life support after car shooting

The 15-year-old Detroit boy who was hit in a drive-by shooting while sleeping at a friend’s house on Stahelin Avenue last week has been removed from the resuscitation system. Kenneth Merritt Jr. was injured when at least a dozen shots were fired into a house on October 26.

While not the intended target, Detroit Police said he was shot in the head. It shocked his family shell. “We were dazed. We can’t believe this is happening to us,” her mother-in-law said. “Watch your kids, watch their surroundings. Just keep them home with you, keep the kids home.”

A GoFundMe page was set up to pay for Merritt Jr.’s funeral. The boy’s father said the family is now mourning two deaths after Merritt’s mother died of cancer last year. “I am the boss,” he said. Everyone looks at me like what I’m going to do, and I don’t know what to do. “

Detroit Police are still looking for the vehicle involved in the shooting. Anyone with information about the crime is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP or

Detroiters want community benefits deal ahead of Moroun land deal

A six-lane bridge connecting Motown and Windsor is close to its final agreement, but a land transfer is still required from the Detroit City Council. Residents of the Hubbard Richards and Hubbard Farms wards believe that valuable land like the land at 3805 W. Jefferson should come at a price.

“We cannot allow this precious piece of land, our public park, which the Morouns say they need, to give it away,” said Deb Sumner, a resident of southwest Detroit. This is why residents are asking for a community benefits plan that makes the business friendlier. “We need money to fortify these buildings, to make sure they don’t deteriorate further from the earthquakes. I mean the health and public welfare of our neighborhood is affected,” said Sam Butler, another resident.

The Ambassador Bridge currently has four lanes. Residents say an enlarged bridge would lead to more pollution, noise, traffic and property damage. A permit is also required to transfer hazardous materials. “What if a truck explodes?” What if he overturns? What guarantees do you have for existing and incoming residents? Asked resident Myett Risker.

The city of Detroit received about $ 3 million for the improvement of the park as part of the deal and would get a few million more after it is cemented. But just down the road where the Gordie Howe Bridge is, the land transfer agreement is very different from this one. And if that’s the case in Delray, the people who live near the Ambassador Bridge ask, “Why not over there?

3 people injured as Camaro hit by train and dragged through Detroit

Three people have been hurt when a train struck a car at the crossing near Seven Mile and Mount Elliot in Detroit on Monday evening.

One of the victims was seriously injured in the accident, which happened around 8 p.m.

A Chevrolet Camaro was boned by the train and pushed about 500 yards on the rails.

The three people were taken to the Detroit receiving hospital. The circumstances of the accident are not known at the moment. Stay with FOX 2 for more information as it becomes available.

Detroit Police Report Quiet Halloween Night

It’s a very different post-Halloween story than what we’ve told in the past about Detroit, where Halloween and the night before, known as “Devil’s Night,” once was chaos. “We had over 300 events planned, and not a single incident,” said Chief James White. “Twenty years ago we all know the stories that they were not fun times, for the community and for the police.”

From violence to arson. The city’s first responders were running from one call to the next. But, this year, Chief James White says: it was relatively quiet. “I want to say we had a good weekend,” he said. “We all know historically that we haven’t been able to say that.”

There were two homicides on Devil’s Night on October 30. But White says these were isolated and in no way related to Halloween. Detroit Fire says they had six building fires between the two nights and cannot say it was arson at this point.

White credits proactive policing – which has been part of his strategy since its inception in June and leaves data – on the scene of the crime – to dictate where his officers patrol.

What else are we looking at

  1. It’s election day again, which means people will be going to the polls all day Tuesday. The weather might not be as hot as it was in the last election, but there are still some important races to watch out for. Make sure you are everything is ready with our FOX 2 voting guide here.
  2. The Detroit branch of the NAACP is also ready to help voters with its “Take Your Soles to the Ballot” campaign. The group will be operational at 8220 Second Avenue, where a “War Room” hotline will be set up to ensure safe social distancing and help voters answer all their questions.
  3. The Michigan Redistribution Commission voted 11-2 to advance a map proposal that approves state Senate lines that would be fairer to Democrats than previous maps drawn by Republicans. This is the first card the panel submitted for the 45 closing comment period.
  4. In preparation for the Pure Michigan Governor’s Tourism Conference, industry volunteers are teaming up with the Detroit Zoo for the MC4T Volunteer Cleanup Event.
  5. Dangerous driving behaviors like driving at red lights, drowsy driving and driving while impaired by cannabis or alcohol have declined over the past three years, according to an AAA report.

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It will be a little chilly this election Tuesday as temperatures hover in the mid-1940s as a low pressure system in Canada causes clouds and wet weather on the west side of the state. Don’t be surprised if showers are heading towards Metro Detroit – and maybe even snowflakes.

NASA astronauts pick peppers in space for the first time on the International Space Station

Humans brought a new life form to space on Friday as NASA astronauts harvested the the very first chili peppers aboard the International Space Station.

The Hatch Chili Seeds arrived at the space station on a SpaceX resupply mission in June and were quickly planted by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough.

“Finally, I made my best space tacos yet: beef fajita, rehydrated tomatoes and artichokes and HATCH CHILE,” astronaut Megan McArthur tweeted.

Astronauts have access to a wide variety of freeze-dried and prepackaged meals with which they are regularly restocked, but learning how to grow fresh produce millions of miles from earth will be key to longer missions.

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