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Cricket legend on ‘sustaining life’ after collapsing in Australia with abnormal heart problem

NEW ZEALAND cricket legend Chris Cairns is said to be on life support after collapsing in Australia with an abnormal heart problem.

The 51-year-old sports star has undergone several operations after undergoing an aortic dissection in Canberra last week, according to reports.


Chris Cairns, 51, to fight for his life in hospitalCredit: Empics

But since then, rumors have circulated that Cairns is unresponsive to treatment and is fighting for his life after an infection sets in, The New Zealand Herald noted.

A reporter for New Zealand media outlet Newshub described Cairns as “gravely ill”.

The former Black Cap is expected to be transferred to a specialist hospital in Sydney – where he now resides with his wife Melanie.

His medical episode of shock comes after he suffered a tear in the innermost layer of the main artery that runs from the heart.

The potentially fatal disease can be fatal if blood can flow through the outer layer of the wall of the large blood vessel.

Former Cairns New Zealand teammate Andre Adams has tweeted his support for his old friend.

Adams wrote: “Thoughts and prayers are with Chris and his family.

“Horrible situation and hope for the best.”

Cairns – whose father also played international cricket – is widely regarded as one of the best all-around players to ever honor the sport.

The New Zealander played 62 Test matches, 215 ODIs and two Twenty20 internationals during his illustrious career between 1989 and 2006.

He then moved on to broadcasting, working as an expert.

But soon after his playing career ended, Cairns’ name was dragged through the mud over allegations of match-fixing in the now defunct Indian Cricket League in 2008.

He had an aortic dissection in Canberra last week


He suffered from an aortic dissection in Canberra last weekCredit: AFP

The versatile had been captain of the Chandigarh Lions and was named in the allegations.

After a number of legal battles to clear his name, Cairns was ultimately found not guilty of perjury and perversion of the course of justice at Southwark Crown Court in 2015.

But the former cricket star described the ordeal as “hell”, saying he felt “completely burned out”.

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