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Dave Grohl shares his life story in a new book, “The Storyteller”

While the pandemic has obviously been, well, a pandemic and largely not a good one, it has given some glimmers of hope. One of those for Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl said he was able to write more. He opened an Instagram account to share short stories from his life and now he’s gone ahead and wrote an entire book: An Autobiography of Grohl titled The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music is scheduled for October 5.

In an ad for the book, Grohl wrote:

“There is a common thread in everything I do: telling stories. Whether in song, documentary film or on the page, I have always felt compelled to share moments of my life. This inclination is a huge part of what turns me on creatively but also as a human being. In March 2020, realizing that my daily work with the Foo Fighters was going to be put on hold, I opened an Instagram account (@davestruestories) and decided to focus all of my creative energy on writing some of my stories, some thing i love to do but never really had the time for. I soon discovered that the reward I felt every time I posted a story was the same as I felt when I played a song to an audience, so I kept writing. The response from readers was as moving as any applause in an arena. So I took stock of all the experiences I’ve had in my life – amazing, difficult, funny and moving – and decided it was time to finally put them into words. Now, along with the amazing people at Dey Street Books, I am delighted and honored to announce THE STORYTELLER, a collection of memories from a life lived strong. From my early days in suburban Washington, DC, until hitting the road at age 18, and all the music that followed, I can now share these adventures with the world, seen and heard behind the microphone. Turn up the volume! “

He elaborated on this in the statement of one author, writing:

“So I wrote a book.

Having nurtured the idea for years, and even offered some questionable opportunities (“It’s a piece of cake! You just have to do 4 hours of interviews, find someone else to write it down, put your face on the cover and voila! ”) I decided to write these stories as I always have, with my own hand. The joy I felt in relating these stories is not unlike listening to a song I recorded and can’t wait to share with the world, or reading a diary entry. primitive in a stained notebook, or even hearing my voice bouncing between the Kiss posters on my wall when I was a kid.

It sure doesn’t mean I’m quitting my day job, but it does give me a place to shed some light on what it’s like to be a kid from Springfield, Virginia, walking through life while living the dreams. crazy that I had as a young musician. From hitting the road with Scream at 18, to my stint in Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, playing with Iggy Pop or playing at the Oscars or dancing with AC / DC and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, playing drums for Tom Petty or meeting Sir Paul McCartney at the Royal Albert Hall, bedtime stories with Joan Jett or a chance encounter with Little Richard, a flight halfway across the world on an epic night out with my daughters… the list goes on. I look forward to focusing the lens through which I see these memories a bit sharper for you with great excitement.

He also shared what appears to be the intro to the book as well as the audio of his reading, so check that out below and pre-order. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music here.

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