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Doctors Take Out Life Support, Miracle Baby Karson Jax Starts Breathing

A family ready to say goodbye as doctors made their way to remove life support of their sick little boy. But miracle baby Karson Jax Hough has defied all expectations by starting to breathe on his own!

When Chelsea Hough gave birth to Karson Jax at 36 weeks, things took a terrifying turn. Although the delivery was quick and the little boy’s heartbeat was strong during labor, all of that changed after he entered the world.

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Suddenly, Karson’s heart stopped. After laying the child on his mother’s chest, his heart started again. But soon his heart rate dropped again and doctors discovered a host of medical issues. They put Karson Jax on life support and ran a bunch of tests and assessments.

Many questions surrounded the causes of this little boy’s illness, but doctors ultimately determined that the only option was to remove the life support system.

“The only way to describe what happened is that this beautiful little boy suffered from two very rare traumatic conditions that are unrelated to each other. One being unidentifiable as to cause. », wrote the little boy’s heartbroken Nana, Lisa Hough.

Doctors suspected hemorrhage in the boy’s left temporal lobe, along with a diagnosis of nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH). NKH is a rare genetic disease causing a buildup of glycine in body tissues and fluids. And after much prayerful consideration, Chelsea and her family decided to remove life support and allow Karson to find his healing in heaven.

Doctors amazed after removing life support

The family asked for prayer as they prepared to remove life support. And as they began to say goodbye to Karson Jax Hough, something amazing happened. The little boy defied predictions and started breathing on his own!

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“Today we witnessed a miracle!!” Lisa Hough wrote on Facebook. “We were given 10 minutes after removing intensive care and the ventilator and told that he would not be breathing on his own and that he would expect his heart to stop within those 10 minutes. …Well, God and Karson had other plans!”

As soon as doctors removed Karson from the ventilator, he began to breathe, and his heart rate and oxygen levels stabilized. He started breathing, swallowing and choking – all things doctors said he would never be able to do. And the blessing completely delighted the little boy’s family.

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“I don’t know why I ever thought we didn’t deserve a miracle…and I don’t know how long we’ve been with him, but we have him now. And now we’re going to take it,” Lisa said.

This miracle baby surprises everyone with her progress. And while only God knows her future, Lisa Hough and Chelsea Hough revel in blessing every minute with sweet Karson Jax.

Miracle Baby is getting stronger and stronger

Karson still has so much to overcome. But every day brings unexpected miracles. Weeks after the family asked doctors to remove the life support, the miracle baby was still surviving, growing stronger and defying expectations. The doctors even discharged him from the hospital and sent him home with his family!

Karson continued to improve at home. He has reached a healthy weight and his heart rate and oxygen levels remain stable. Her glycine levels have dropped dramatically, which is amazing. And while this precious baby still has a long way to go, he has progressed far beyond anything doctors ever thought possible!

Prayers continue to surround Karson Jax Hough and we ask that you add more. The Lord clearly has big plans for this sweet little boy!

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“He is your praise and he is your God, who has done for you these great and dreadful things which your eyes have seen.” Deuteronomy 10:21

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