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Elijah Mawli shares his life story on “Winner” | Entertainment

“It takes a lot to make a winner,” sings soulful Elijah Mawli on new single Winner.

The track produced by EastSyde Records is an autobiographical tale at once naive and responsive, but evolving for the better through the lessons of tribulations and the teachings of Rastafarian. The post complements the music video produced by Norwix Media, which shows how a young boy, who turns away from wrongdoing, ultimately wins through his honest work and tenacity.

“It’s all in the lyrics. This is my past experience, what I have lived, ”said Mawli The gleaner. “I have been with EastSyde for so long, since the very beginning in 2017…. I remember back in the days when all we had in the studio was a computer and some sponges trying to capture that sound, and now we have folks from Sony in the studio right now, so it’s like we came out of nowhere for a place of accomplishment, and that’s really one thing that inspired the song.

He added that overcoming personal obstacles like bad stuttering and past relationships also served as inspiration for Winner. Although he has stated that he is not a perfect person, his vulnerability and triumph resonates with audiences.

“The feedback has been great and I appreciate it a lot,” he shared. “I have heard my mom play the song many times so knowing that I can create something that someone so close can enjoy is amazing. I would like to express my gratitude to those who shared my music, left these positive feedback and sent me good vibes.

Despite the positive response, Mawli broke away from personal expectations, saying, “Music is something that I allow to become what it will naturally become. Whatever happens, happens, but I hope for the best.

First name Robert Henry, Mawli’s musical entry came in 2017 as part of volume 11 of the cult classic of Twin of Twins Stir.

“I totally appreciate them. They are like a foundation for me in terms of where I am right now. They used to live across the street from my house, so when I was young I would go there, and because I was so passionate about Rastafari, they said, ‘You know I’m going to start calling you Elijah because That you [come een] like Elijah ‘. This is how I got the name.

From there, his musical journey saw him perform at various concerts and tour in the studio while juggling a call center job. Red Hills resident St Andrew even recalled walking long distances from his home on weekends in search of studios, and he got a breakthrough after catching up with an old friend from school.

“He said he knew guys in Bull Bay setting up a studio and he thought I would fit in perfectly there. I didn’t hesitate because I was looking for a studio at the time…. I went there with my guitar and a friend of mine, and we started playing, and Stanley, who’s my manager now, said, “I’ll sign you,” and I said, “Okay,” and that’s where it started. “

They worked on songs like These wings, Caribbean love, and Jah calleth, which oozes its rock and reggae signature. Mawli has stated that he is also a lover of blues music, which fans will hear on his Brewing EP.

“We entered the scene with a difference. Just like Skillibeng came up with his dancehall style of music, I come with my style of reggae music, so you can definitely expect a difference when it comes to reggae. I’m sure people have done it before, merging reggae and blues, but I’m making a difference.

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