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Elizabeth Taylor: The Life Story You May Not Know | Entertainment

The myth surrounding Elizabeth Taylor has long been larger than life. There has always been something about her that has captured the cultural imagination, in life and in death. Her legendary purple eyes, penchant for priceless jewelry, eight marriages, and the sometimes volatile and scandalous nature of her relationships have all coalesced to form Taylor’s public image, making her highly visible and, at the same time, unknowable. Taylor’s stardom redefined the cultural idea of ​​what stardom meant, pioneering our modern understandings of the word: with paparazzi, publicly scrutinized and adored relationships, addiction struggles, and the use of her platform for activism.

Perhaps one of Taylor’s most notable legacies was her ability to understand her own influence and, to some extent, shape her own narrative at a time when major Hollywood studios were notorious for micromanaging actresses’ every move. To commemorate Taylor’s remarkable life — and to separate fact from fabrication — Stacker has compiled a list of 15 significant moments and relationships in Taylor’s life through interviews, biographies, and news stories.

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