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Esha Modi, fashion designer – La Dépêche

Jammu: Esha Modi is a dynamic fashion designer, who has always been determined to build a successful future in the fashion world.

Since childhood, Esha Modi was a brilliant student and has a formal engineering background and also holds a B.Ed. and an MBA, but she has always been drawn to the world of fashion.

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As a child, Esha had a great sagacity for trends, patterns and colors.

She always chose toys based on how they felt when touched; likewise, it was important for her to know how the clothes were against the skin and the same was instilled and reflected in her Glamor brand store, Esha Creations located in Gandhi Nagar, Jammu which gives the feeling of well being and is trusted by all those associated with it as its clients.

Lover of art and nature, culture, creativity and diversity, throughout her childhood she explored fabrics, trends, different points and integrated her creativity and experiences reflecting her fashion style and her sensitivities.

In a nutshell, Esha’s style is essentially cosmopolitan but avant-garde and traditional, trendy and elegant. Here are excerpts from conversations with the city’s budding designer.

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She continued her studies in engineering and also holds a B.Ed. and an MBA, but I’ve always been fascinated by outfits adorned with beautiful women all around me, including those on silver screens.

“Their make-up, accessories, the specifics of their personality predisposed me and I have always been drawn to the world of fashion, I have always wanted to create my own fashion. My family, mom, friends, aunts always took my advice and trusted my fashion instincts for their style avatars. Taking the runway, I integrated my fashion sense and did an exhibition in Delhi which was very much appreciated and the applause really encouraged me to take the plunge. That’s when I decided to put my fashion world in glamor… Esha creations, ”she said.

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