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Fremantle to retrace the life story of Italian icon Raffaella Carrà with a documentary | News

Raffaella Carrà in Canzonissima

Fremantle has secured the exclusive worldwide option rights to create a documentary on the life and impact of Italian cultural icon Raffaella Carrà.

The documentary will retrace the life story of one of Italy’s most inspiring women, who died earlier this year at the age of 78.

Born in Bologna in 1943, Carrà grew from humble beginnings to an Italian television superstar for seven decades and a symbol of liberation and women’s rights.

Carrà made a strong impression when she became the first Italian woman to reveal her navel on television, during the opening song of Canzonissima, a prime-time show on the main channel of the Rai ad channel, in 1970. The act caused enormous controversy and debate in Italian society.

His popularity increased in Spain and across Europe and Latin America as his reputation as a recording artist continued to grow. Also a presenter and model, Carrà has become a fervent supporter and icon of the LGBTQ + community, awarded at World Pride Madrid 2017.

The documentary project was carried out in Fremantle by Andrea Scrosati, Gabriele Immirzi, Nathalie García, Mandy Chang and Alessandro De Rita, with the support of Fernando Jerez in Spain. The production and distribution giant has struck the deal for the doc with the official owners of the rights to Carrà.

It comes as Fremantle continues to grow its list of documentaries with an emphasis on meaningful and culturally relevant titles. These include the Planet Sex documentary series exploring human sexuality, hosted and co-created by Cara Delevingne, and the climate research film documentary Arctic Drift.

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