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Greg Rikaart’s Young and Restless Son Montgomery’s Life Story of Soap, Photos

On June 12, 2016, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor and her husband welcomed their first child, Montgomery Argo..

Today, Sunday, June 12, sends the son of The young and the restless and days of our lives star Greg Rikaart (Kevin; Leo) and husband Robert Sudduth a very happy birthday! To honor Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Sudduth’s big day, join us as we look back on his life in pictures through various sweet — and funny — moments his proud dad has shared over the years.

The big announcement

The day after their son was born, via their “surrogate trooper,” Rikaart posted a photo with Sudduth and their precious newborn and shared, “We are fighting hate, fear, bigotry, homophobia and injustice in the world with love, intellect and enlightenment. In the truest and purest definitions of those last words, it is with full hearts that Rob and I are very proud to introduce our son, Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Sudduth.

Story time with grandma

The CBS star posted a photo of his mom reading a book to her son to celebrate Mother’s Day to “this wonderful mom and grandma.”

“No one puts baby down”

Anyone who’s had a baby knows that sleepless nights are normal and guys have probably had their fair share. On one occasion, Rikaart posted a shot from inside Montgomery’s nursery where the cat was in the crib, the dog was on the glider and the baby was on the floor and said, with a touch of Patrick Swayze, “Nobody put the baby on the floor.”

Sunset with daddy

On a fall evening, Rikaart shared a sweet photo of husband Sudduth holding their son with an “epic sunset” in the distance.

Winter hike on the lake

Then, on New Year’s Eve in 2016, the family took a “lake hike” amid the snowy woods.

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Link to the beach

Fast forward to spring 2017, and we got to see a glimpse of Rikaart with Monte on the beach, where “everything [was] impressive.”

Walk alongside dad

And during Pride Month that same year, Rikaart posted a photo of Sudduth and their son, who he described as “the smart, sexy co-parent on the left…and the most beloved child and safest in the world on the right”.

bumpy steps

It’s easy for toddlers to start running, but with his dad walking behind him, Rikaart reminded his boy to “watch those bumps” and promised to follow him anywhere.

No it wasn’t me

In one of the funniest posts, the actor shared a conversation between himself and Monte, then asked fans to judge for themselves…

Rikaart: “My love, did you poop? Because I think you pooped.
Mounted: “No.”

vacation adventures

In September 2018, the family took a trip to Andaz Maui at the Wailea Resort in Hawaii — and it’s clear from the photo that they had an amazing time.

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Playtime in a very special place

Rikaart and Sudduth got married in 2015 and to mark a place that was extra special to them, the guys brought Monte to the exact beach where they got married to build “sand castles and a moat”.

Fun in the rain

Talk about a cute photo, where on a dreary day in February 2019, it was raining cats and cute people.

Like father, like son

On a Tuesday, for Rikaart’s 42nd birthday, he snapped a picture of him and Monte wearing “matching socks” after “two hours of jumping like crazy in a trampoline park.”

Sunny Saturdays

And on a “sunny” Saturday the following month, they could be seen at the Santa Monica Pier.

A Day with Dad at CBS Studios

As the actor sat in the hair and makeup chair preparing to be transformed into Kevin mode, Rikaart shared a photo with his son staring at him which was captioned, “I don’t want makeup on my face, Dad, because I’m not an actor.

So cute!

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Birthday breakfast in bed

To celebrate his halfway six, on Monte’s third birthday, he was treated to a “breakfast in bed” by his loving dad, who shared, “For the little guy who shows me every day of new depths in my emotional life. Happy birthday Monte. You are the greatest thing there is.

Like caterpillars in a cocoon

After having a great day full of new firsts, including the first swimming lesson of the year and Monte’s first day of preschool, the father/son duo spent time “relaxing in the hammock and to pretend [to be] caterpillars in a cocoon.

Follow the rules

Another of Rikaart’s funny posts had us laughing as Monte walked through a store wearing a hat, shirt, diaper and shoes, with the caption: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” I understood.”

A birthday present for grandfather

Kids who grow up with sports fans in their family are likely to root themselves for a specific team. Monte went the extra mile to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday by dressing to honor “his grandfather’s hometown and team.”

Bike shenanigans

We’ll let the video do the talking on this one – so be sure to turn up the volume. Two years ago, on January 1, Rikaart urged his followers to “go get 2020 the same way my son got that poor gentleman today.”

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Visit furry friends

Monte and Rikaart “snuck out” to visit some furry friends at her school. As pictured below, “Rexy, James Bond, Lisa, Porcupine and Grandpa” all “liked blueberries more than celery.”

An epic duel

Who said dinosaurs always had to fight on the ground? A few years ago, shortly after Monte’s fourth birthday, he created “an epic duel” between a velociraptor and an ankylosaur on Rikaart’s head!

A day at the zoo

During the 2020 Thanksgiving celebration, the family went to the zoo to make sure a giraffe had enough to eat.

national sons day

And on National Sons Day 2021, he shared a photo of Monte dressed as Batman with the caption “Making the world a better place since 2016.”

We hope all of Monte’s birthday wishes come true!

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