Life support

Grey’s Anatomy in intensive care amid scandals

Weak Grey’s Anatomy is on life support as scandals continue to undermine medical drama and push his ratings down to just over 4 million, his lowest ever!

Same star of the series Ellen Pompeo hinted that she wants to pull the plug!

In March, one of the show’s top writers, Elisabeth Finch, took time off after questions arose about whether the personal stories she contributed — a cancer diagnosis and an abortion during the chemotherapy – came from his own life, the story of his ex-wife Jennifer Beyer – or fully made up!

Through her lawyer, Finch, who is in the midst of a brutal divorce, insisted she would not speak about her separation or her health. But she wrote about her medical issues in magazines and TV scripts before the scandal broke, insiders say.

“It’s a huge black eye for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’,” says a source.

Meanwhile, Shondaland, the company of ‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes, says, “Only Elisabeth can talk about her personal story.”

Another puzzle for the long-running hit series centers on Ernest Simon Jr., a 31-year-old black crew member who accused a pair of Los Angeles cops of racially profiling him. He claims the lawmen forced him out of the production van he was driving on March 18, 2021 and attempted to arrest him in front of his colleagues, believing he had stolen the vehicle.

The suit indicates that more cops swarmed the scene, as well as an LAPD helicopter, even though security guards on the ground had vouched for Simon, who was ordered “to lie face down on the ground and spread the eagle on the hot asphalt”.

“The show’s producers and network executives could be dragged into this, even though it’s clear they had nothing to do with it!” says an insider of the show.

At one point, Grey’s Anatomy was scorching hot, pulling in 16.25 million viewers in March 2005. When it came out just after the Super Bowl a year ago, it drew nearly 38 million pairs of eyeballs.

But last year season 17 drew just over 4 million viewers.

“The show seems to be plodding along now, waiting for the ABC network executives to put it out of its misery,” television critic Bill Mann told The National ENQUIRER. “It works with fumes! »

And Pompeo, 52, who has spent nearly two decades playing sexy Dr. Meredith Grey, thinks the show’s prognosis is poor – and sources say she’s ready to hang up her scrubs!

In an interview last December, the actress said she was “trying to focus on convincing everyone” that the show “should end.”

She added: “I feel like the super naive person who keeps saying, ‘But what’s the story going to be, what’s the story are we going to tell?’ And everybody’s like, ‘Who cares, Ellen? It’s worth a billion dollars.'”

Nevertheless, the show seems to be continuing with season 19.

“Ellen wants to leave. She’s said it before, but this time she really means it,” a network source explains.

“And what would ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ be without Meredith Grey? If Ellen left, I think that would be it!

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