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Hall of Fame Football Star Kurt Warner Tells the Story of His Inspirational Life on the Big Screen in ‘American Underdog’

HOLLYWOOD – The new movie, “American Underdog” tells the inspiring story of football great Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda. From the toughest times…until he became Super Bowl champion, two-time NFL Most Valuable Player and Hall of Fame quarterback.

“You know what? Life hit and life hit hard. And you have a choice. And I think being a former Marine, something inside me just says, ‘Keep going and do your best,’ Brenda said.

Anna Paquin plays Brenda in “American Underdog.”

“Brenda is an amazing human being. And I mean, that’s the biggest compliment possible,” Paquin said. “There is also this gentle, genuine, sensitive, caring, open and loving human.”

Zachary Levi plays Kurt in the film; the NFL champion gave the actor a helping hand behind the scenes so Levi had all the right moves to play a quarterback.

“He came into the house very early one morning and we went out into the backyard. That was one of the first things. I’m, okay, when are we going to go out into the backyard because I know that’s going to be a big part of the movie is you have to be able to, you know, at least succeed to such a degree that people buy into the football part when you’re doing a sports movie,” said kurt.

“I had never really played, you know, organized football. So getting inside a quarterback’s head and really understanding what’s going on in their mind and how all these plays work and how the game in his together is kind of maneuvered was super cool. I learned so much,” Levi said.

“American Underdog” officially hits the national box office on Christmas Day.

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