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Intensive care ambulances for inter-facility transfers are essential to save lives

Accident victims or patients who have been transferred to hospital by a resuscitation ambulance often require additional procedures and treatment that are not available there, when they are crucial to their recovery and well- to be. In such circumstances, the patient may need to be transferred to another facility so that they can receive the necessary treatment. The work of the resuscitation ambulances, in this regard, is of paramount importance, as they are responsible for ensuring the stability of the patient and transferring him safely and quickly to his destination without any complications.

Ziqitza Health Care Ltd. (ZHL), an organization in public-private partnership with the Government of India, provides ambulances with state-of-the-art technology equipment and well-trained paramedics for patients in need of emergency medical service, in several states in India. It strives to provide international standards of emergency medical care by facilitating helpline number 108 in several states in India.

Considering the scenario, Dr Santosh Datar – Medical Director at Ziqitza Healthcare, explains that this is why it is essential that resuscitation ambulances have all necessary medical equipment on board, as well as a trained paramedic, who can look after the patient during the trip and administer emergency aid , if necessary. An oxygen cylinder, along with a pocket-sized ventilation unit, defibrillator, necessary blankets and insulation, protective equipment, and basic first aid, are the most vital items in your life. Ziqitza Health carry resuscitation ambulances.

However, the mere presence of these elements is not sufficient to ensure the safe transfer of the patient, and therefore, one must adhere to a specific set of principles which are paramount for the safe and timely transfer of a patient from an institution. to another, further noticed by Dr Datar.

AT Ziqitza, patient safety and recovery are of paramount importance, which is why we ensure that our ambulances regularly undergo the most stringent regulatory inspections and evaluations. In addition to this, a screening medical examination (EMS) and stabilizing treatment are performed before the transfer, in addition to obtaining the consent of the patient and their family members for the transfer, clearly informing them of the reasons why. it is necessary, the risks involved, and the details of the trip. Ziqitza Rajasthan has managed the government project of Dial 108 in the past.

Mr. Chandan Datta, Head of Government Affairs – Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, further clarifies that during such a transfer it is the responsibility of the transfer facility to ensure that the personnel on board, including the driver, are precisely trained and equipped to deal with any unforeseen situation. An experienced and well-trained team with a well-maintained and equipped ambulance can make all the difference in saving and stabilizing the patient on board. Ziqitza Limited has experience with multi-city transfers to over 500 locations in India.

Consent on essential documents to be presented on board includes the approval of the transferring physician as well as the agreement of the receiving hospital to accept it, as well as the time of transfer, mode of transfer and level of care provided. Relevant records and copies of imaging exams should also accompany the patient, unless transferred electronically to the receiving facility. While it is never medically possible to guarantee a patient’s survival, ensuring that the above factors are taken into account can often prove to be the determining factors in their recovery and return to normal life.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL) has been the leading provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in India since 2005. Our clients include hospitals, government and corporate clients in India and the Gulf for various EMS requirements such as ambulances , mobile medical units, telemedicine and helplines. ZHL Rajasthan & Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan also appreciated Dr Datar and his team from Ziqitza Limited for the comments made on the inter-facility transfer. We are committed to saving lives. We do this by understanding our customers’ needs and delivering the best possible solutions, regardless of their location or income. The company engages over 39,000+ ambulance networks in India with services available in over 750 cities.

Ziqitza’s focus on the vision to save and improve lives has saved over 42 million lives and has referred 2.5 corona corona patients and handled over 2 million telehealth calls. The World Economic Forum has recognized Ziqitza as one of India’s 50 first responders to the Covid-19 pandemic on the last mile.

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