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Life Story Makes The Money Surfer Creepier Than Ever

Fantastic Four: Life Story presents the coming of the callous herald of Galactus in a more terrifying way than its introduction to the Marvel Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fantastic Four: Life Story # 4, on sale now

The Fantastic Four: The Story of Life has been about recounting the adventures of Marvel’s First Family over the decades. But rather than just a review, this story drastically changed the world of FF, remixing The Thing and Mr. Fantastic’s friendship, Sue and Reed’s marriage, and other pivotal events. Now, The Fantastic Four: The Story of Life # 4 features the coming of Galactus’ callous herald, the Silver Surfer, in a way spookier than ever.

The Silver Surfer, even when working for Galactus, is generally a dark but philosophical individual. Here, however, he is a much more ruthless and disturbing precursor of an even more indifferent Galactus. Here’s how the Cosmic Herald becomes far more of a threat than ever in the alternate continuity of the Mark Russell, Sean Izaakse, Francesco Manna, Nolan Woodard, and Joe Caramagna series.

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This issue is finally starting to build on the long-standing fears of hard-working scientist Reed Richards about the arrival of Galactus. Reed, Sue, and Ben rush into space, having prepared in advance to deal with this cosmic alien threat and protect Earth at all costs. Recently, the usually moody Ben Grimm had also met and fallen in love with Alicia Masters, inspiring his heroism more than ever and sending him ready to stand up for the people he loved. Sadly, the threat that the now-fantastic three (after the death of the Human Torch) faced was in some ways far worse than they imagined.

Instead of the gigantic Galactus that Reed had visions and premonitions about for years, the trio were greeted by their herald, the Silver Surfer. The Thing tries to attack the metallic man, kicking him when he doesn’t realize it. While the Silver Surfer is somewhat impressed with the surprise attack, he notices that it is not enough to bring him down. He quickly escapes, circling the world before reporting to the United Nations. He informs the citizens of Earth that he quickly and easily dismantled their small defenses against Galactus, who possesses far greater power than him. He also says they have 10 years to really prepare for their inevitable destruction, leaving the planet on a dark note.

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Silver Surfer threatens the world in Fantastic Four: Life Story.

The characterization of the Silver Surfer here is very different from normal. He is generally presented as taciturn but noble, his respect for life and innocence ultimately causing him to turn against Galactus. Here, however, he is much more malicious and contemptuous of humanity and those who stand in his way, speaking less like a philosopher and more like a demigod disgusted with his inferiors.

Likewise, his ten-year timeline before Earth’s destruction, as well as his pragmatic way of presenting this warning, amplifies both his own disrespect for the survival of humanity and the even greater threat from Galactus. Reed Richards, Tony Stark, the Mad Thinker, and several other minds had come together to create technology to defend Earth, with Richards working day and night to achieve this goal. The fact that the Silver Surfer, who only refers to himself by the much simpler name of Herald, dismantles these creations without difficulty further illustrates just how much Reed and the rest of humanity oppose their most. great cosmic threat.

As humanity practically united against the threat of Galactus, people finally began to take Reed’s threats a little more seriously, nuclear terrors no longer distracting them. As humanity sees an infallible extinction heading after uniting once and for all, Galactus is all the more gruesome.

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