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Lil Nas X Chronicles Gets Famous In TikTok ‘Life Story’ Series

So, in November of the same year, he moved with his older brother into a situation where, according to him, there was “domestic violence every day”. The One Minute Clips consist of a series of iconic Lil Nas selfie videos, the second part starting with the December 2018 release of the mega-smash that would make Lil Nas a worldwide phenomenon, the record-breaking No.1 hit. “Old town road”.

With literally no money to promote, the rapper used silly memes to promote the song, which helped the tracks rank on Apple Music and sparked a wave of label offers he called “terrible”, mainly because they were focused on the song, not him. He turned them all down and continued to promote “Road” in his own way.

The second video then shows the rapper triumphantly walking past a sign in the Columbia offices that read “Columbia Records Welcomes Lil Nas X”. After the song was ranked on Billboard, Nas X released the remix of “Old Town Road” starring Billy Ray Cyrus and, as reported in Part 3, things got out of hand. Images of the two performing together and Lil Nas shaking massive crowds are juxtaposed against him recounting his growing anxiety, even as his stage outfits are dramatically improved and he moves into his first apartment in June 2019 with his two dogs. adopted and her boyfriend.

“I finally had enough money to put my mom in rehab,” he notes alongside a clip of him dancing with one of the pooches in his arms. “People quickly dubbed me a ‘one-shot wonder’,” he laments before noting that in June 2018 he released his debut EP and the five-time platinum follow-up hit ‘Panini’.

The fourth clip opens with the release of Lil Nas in June 2019, the rapper noting that he has gained fans while also losing some. And, as often happens with the rise to fame, he also suffered his first trial that summer over an old song, even as his mother struggled in rehab and he broke up with her. boyfriend. This avalanche of bad news is juxtaposed with a video of Lil Nas hammering the camera in photoshoots, playing the silly in the streets and posing for the cover of magazines, even as “Old Town” continued to explode and he began to “spiral”.

At one point, he notes, “I found myself in a hotel room considering ending it … but I didn’t.” As of press time, Part 5 has yet to be released, so stay tuned …

Watch the videos below.

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