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“Liwanag”, the life story of a dedicated doctor

“Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. If there’s one thing the Lord has planted in your heart and mind, it’s most likely your mission in life,” the doctor said in Filipino, in the film-bio “Liwanag.”

Played by the charming GMA-7 artist Valeen Montenegro, whom the doctor herself finds “pretty, intelligent and professional”, the biofilm “Liwanag” shows the difficulties of Dr Minguita Padilla, who has since received the approval of his medical colleagues to run for a seat in the Senate.

“Liwanag” tells the story of the life of a beautiful doctor who specializes in ophthalmology, who found love while pursuing her passion, helping many patients who had vision problems and serving on the front line in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

This doctor also pioneered the establishment of an eye bank in the country.

She was the driving force behind her co-health workers who were demoralized and were on the verge of giving up not only because of the difficulties they encountered in carrying out their work, but also because of the lack of government support.

She even went out of her way to solicit washing machines, electric fans and personal protective equipment (PPE) from friends for use by her frontline colleagues.

It was during this time that the charming doctor realized the endemic corruption and other immoral practices in the bureaucracy, and decided to enter the system so that she could correct the system itself.

She gave up both her private and public functions to devote time to this new path that she decided to follow.

Running under the banner of the Partido Reporma led by Sens. Panfilo Lacson and Tito Sotto, respectively president and vice president, Dr. Padilla focuses on health, safety, food security and the fight against corruption.

Watch the bio film “Liwanag” with Valeen Montenegro on YouTube and Facebook.

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