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Medina City Council approves 5-year life support team contract

MEDINA, Ohio – City council has passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a new five-year contract for emergency services with Medina Hospital, Medina Township and Montville Township.

“This order aims to continue the emergency medical services, what we call LST (Life Support Team), operated from the hospital in Medina. This is a five-year contract starting January 1, 2022 and expiring December 31, 2026, ”Mayor Dennis Hanwell said at the November 22 council meeting.

In addition, the council passed an ordinance amending a resolution for financial assistance through the CARES Act on Targets of Opportunity.

“When this was passed in March the fund amounts were incorrect so we are changing it so that the improvements to the battered women’s shelter were $ 355,500, the administration fee for ORDC (Ohio Rail Development Commission) are $ 34,500 (for railroad improvements) and local government is $ 1,000, for a total of $ 391,000, ”Hanwell said.

This was adopted with an emergency clause so that future projects can be launched as soon as possible.

In other news, Hanwell spoke briefly about the Candlelight Walk, which the city hosted the weekend before Thanksgiving.

“This past weekend we hosted the candlelight walk activities, and I would like to thank Main Street Medina and the many sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event such a success,” said Hanwell.

“In recent years this has been the busiest and most enjoyed by many, both the downtown lighting on Friday as well as the Saturday night parade and fireworks display.”

He also thanked the municipal staff who he said played a key role in organizing the event.

Matt Wiederhold, Executive Director of Main Street Medina, also spoke about the Candlelight Walk.

“I want to thank the audience for coming out last weekend and supporting Candlelight Walk. It was an amazing weekend. It has been a very busy weekend, as some of you have seen when trying to get to the square to see the parade and the fireworks, ”said Wiederhold.

He thanked those who came to support local businesses over the weekend.

Fire Chief Larry Walters also provided residents and council with an important safety warning as the winter season approaches.

“Just a little reminder for the public as we move into the cold season – heating season – the importance of having carbon monoxide detectors in your home,” Walters said.

“For anyone who has questions about this or needs advice, they can call us at the fire station or find additional information on the website under the fire tab,” he said.

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