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Mum spent two weeks on life support and had all her fingers amputated after suffering septic shock

Mum-of-two Sadie Kemp has been warned she could lose all four of her limbs to prevent the spread of sepsis

A mum has said she felt like she had ‘a second chance at life’ after a battle with sepsis which saw her on life support for two weeks and amputated all of her fingers.

Sadie Kemp, 34, was enjoying a festive Christmas Day dinner with her family when she collapsed in agony.

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When she went to the hospital it was discovered that she had a kidney stone, but on Boxing Day she had gone into septic shock.

Sadie, who worked for the NHS, was placed in an induced coma in hospital and when she woke up – in the New Year – found her hands and feet had turned black due to septic shock due to a kidney stone.

A fundraiser set up to help support her has raised thousands of pounds.

Sadie Kemp had all her fingers amputated.

What happened to Sadi?

Doctors warned they might have to amputate all four limbs to prevent the spread of sepsis, but Sadie’s body fought back against the infection.

This week, the Peterborough mother-of-two had all of her fingers amputated as they became too septic to be saved.

Experts are still deciding whether Sadie, who worked for NHS Test and Trace, will have to have her legs amputated.

Sadie told the Mirror: “I was eating my Christmas dinner at 2.30pm with my family and I was laughing and by 5pm I was fighting for my life.

“I had decided to build a play kitchen that I had bought for my youngest son.

“I thought my back was hurting from bending over and putting in all the screws, but my back pain got worse.

“I said I was going to take a bath but half an hour later I was screaming in pain on the floor saying I felt like someone was squeezing my kidney.”

She continued: ‘I woke up from a two week stay on life support.

“They filled me with medicine to keep my organs alive, but the furthest limbs suffered.

“There was no blood supply in my arms and legs and the tissues had started to die.

“At first they told me they were going to take all four limbs, but as the days passed the skin started to heal.”

Sadie Kemp before having her fingers amputated

How much was collected to help him?

Sadie’s pals are raising money to pay her bills and her youngest son’s childcare costs while she recovers as she is unable to work due to her injuries.

The Go Fund Me page reads: ‘Sadly these life-changing injuries mean she will need additional care, support and prosthetics.

“She was working for the NHS Test and Follow-up before this happened and unfortunately can no longer work due to her recovery in hospital and her life-changing needs.”

There are also plans to fund bionic digits for Sadie so she can regain control of her hands.

The fundraiser has raised over £14,000 of a £20,000 goal so far and can be found here.

Sadie realizes how lucky she is to be alive and told the Mirror: “I realized I had been given a second chance at life.

“Doctors told me they were so confused I’m still here, I shouldn’t be alive given the amount of poison I had in my blood.

“I wouldn’t be here without the incredible support from the doctors, friends and family, so now I’m determined to get through this for them.”

Sadie Kemp in the hospital.

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