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Netflix’s New Movie Based on a True Story Is 100% About Rotten Tomatoes

A new Netflix movie has earned a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes after arriving on the streaming service this month.

If there’s one thing all movies involving dogs have in common, it’s that they’re emotional.

It doesn’t matter if the answer is laughter, adoration or sorrow – here’s who’s looking at you, marley and me – If there’s an adorable four-legged friend involved in the story, the movie is going to touch you directly. Add to that some real-life inspiration and you have a roller coaster of emotions.

That’s Apparently Exactly What Happened With Netflix’s New Movie Saved by Rubywhich arrived on March 17 and is based on the story of a real Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix named, you guessed it, Ruby.

Ruby was taken to an animal shelter in Rhode Island after exhibiting behavioral issues as a puppy, and despite five different families giving her a chance at a new home, she was unfortunately sent back to the shelter each time. .

In 2011, State Police Corporal Daniel O’Neil came to the shelter hoping to find a search and rescue dog and decided to take Ruby for training as a K-9 police officer. She found her place in the force and in 2017 participated in the search for a teenager who was lost for 36 hours on a hike.

Ruby’s work is detailed in Saved by Rubyin which the lead role is actually played by another former shelter dog whose life was saved by the film’s dog trainers.

Discussing the film with The Associated Press, O’Neill described it as a “real underdog story”.

“It’s like divine intervention. She was given a chance and she is doing everything she can to pay it back. You have this dog that was abandoned, and she changed the lives of so many people,” he said.

The film earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% on the tomatometer as well as a high rating of 90% on the audience score.

A satisfied viewer commented: “‘Saved by Ruby‘ is a great dog movie. This one is definitely a tearjerker. Excellent!”

Another wrote: “I just finished watching the movie”Saved by Ruby” on Netflix, which was a true story and a very touching story. I was very moved and cried at the last scene. I highly recommend watching it, especially for those who love dogs.”

Rescued By Ruby is available to stream on Netflix now.

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