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OFD Station 1 is now authorized to provide advanced resuscitation treatment

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Instead of waiting for an ambulance to arrive on scene, Owensboro Fire Department Station 1 can now provide advanced life support.

The station has passed inspection to obtain a license as a Non-Transportation Advanced Life Support First Response Agency.

Since 2006, when the Owensboro Fire Department responded to an emergency, firefighters have only been able to administer basic services, such as first aid, to a person in need.

Then they would have to wait for an ambulance to do more.

Today, the service offers advanced life-saving assistance by being equipped to carry out the treatments themselves, and then continues to help the ambulance team on site.

Human Resources Battalion Chief Colter Tate says he believes being ALS fired will ensure someone in need receives the fastest care.

“I believe this will have a significant impact, particularly on the health and well-being of all citizens and visitors to the city,” Chief Tate said. “Being able to provide this care at a fairly rapid pace, we can really improve someone’s life.”

With the new ALS license, firefighters can perform treatments such as airway techniques, electrocardiograms, and administer medication intravenously.

Chief Tate says most firefighters at Station 1 have been eager to put their skills to work for a long time.

“They’re really excited about it,” Chef Tate said. “Most of them were trained as paramedics or advanced paramedics, so they went through the training. They really wanted to be able to use this training and now they have the opportunity to use this training and these skills that they have acquired over the past few years.

During life-threatening events like trauma, cardiac arrest, diabetic emergencies, and more, the Owensboro Fire Department can now be there to help.

Chief Tate says Station 1 firefighters feel good about the new responsibility.

“Oh yeah. The confidence is high. They’re really excited to be able to have this impact on someone’s life in the city,” Chief Tate said.

At present, only Station 1 is authorized to carry out the advanced treatment, but Chief Tate says he hopes that within the next three to five years every station in the city will be equipped to act as paramedics paramedics.

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