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One-year-old child on life support, Grantsville police investigate possible abuse

GRANTSVILLE, Utah — Grantsville police are investigating a possible child abuse case that sent a one-year-old child to the hospital.

Police said they have a father in custody while they investigate. The one-year-old is in the hospital on life support, according to Sgt. Jeff Watson.

“He was arrested on charges of child abuse and neglect. But obviously if the child dies we will increase the charges,” Watson said. “And right now they’re looking at a minimum of child abuse homicide.

Visible signs of injury when police arrive

sergeant. Watson said the father called police at home on Friday when the boy was unresponsive and not breathing.

“It turned out that there were several visible injuries,” Watson said. “I mean, literally from head to toe, they could see bruises, and what appeared to be bite marks and issues with his eyes.”

A press release from Grantsville Police said staff at Primary Children’s Hospital had discovered “multiple internal injuries”.

“The injuries were a cerebral hemorrhage, a fractured rib that was healing, a freshly fractured rib, and a bruise on one of the lungs,” the statement read. “The bruises on the lung were not compatible with lifesaving measures.”

According to the police, the father denied knowing the cause of the injuries. But, they said, other children in the home told them the father was upset to be woken up.

Police also said one of the other children told them he heard “a loud thump followed by the victim crying and then hearing his father’s voice”.

A Grantsville police investigation is continuing.

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