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Ossie Clark’s life story to be told by Tommy Kennedy

WHEN Tommy Kennedy met famous fashion designer Ossie Clark in 1972 while visiting Beamont Tech School, he was fascinated by him.

Ossie, a working class man from Warrington had traveled to London and taken the fashion world by storm.

And he got Tommy so interested that he chose to write a new book about him and hopes those who knew him in Warrington can help him in his quest.

He said: “When Ossie came to our school he inspired me in 1972 and we all knew it. He came over and gave a speech while we were in the meeting room.

“Since then, it’s always etched in my head.

“I live five minutes from where he was murdered and have been writing for a few years.

“I just thought no movies had been made about him and I just thought I would bring him to a new audience.

“What I’m looking for are people who have good stories about him in the North. I know a lot of his friends here in Notting Hill, but to get a detailed picture of him I have to do some research.

Before moving to London in the 1980s, Tommy was based on Liverpool Road in Great Sankey.

Ossie Clark’s impact on fashion has been described as huge

He would like to have his own take on Ossie’s life and its impact on people across the country.

The 61 year old added: “There was a book written about him years ago, but I would like to do it from my perspective and describe it in a better light because it had a sad ending. , but it had a hell of a good time and had a huge impact on British culture in the 60s and 70s.

“Its impact has been enormous. Everyone wore their designs in the ’60s and’ 70s – he was a superstar.

“I would be caught up if we could do it. There is still a huge story with a working class boy coming out of Warrington to London and becoming the talk of the town.

“I would like to celebrate his life and bring it to a new audience rather than focusing on the negatives – there have been a lot of good things that have happened.

The book – which will be published by New Haven Publishing – could take over a year to write and if it does, it will mark the 50th anniversary of Tommy Ossie’s meeting in 1972.

“I look forward to the task. ”

If anyone would like to contact Thomas with information about Ossie, contact [email protected]

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