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Patrick McNeese’s New “Miracle Man” is an inspiring real-life story that shows readers how God gives miracles to those who have faith in him

“Miracle Man”: a touching tome that aims to encourage everyone to never lose their faith in God, no matter how difficult their life may seem. “Miracle Man” is the creation of published author Patrick McNeese, a first-time author whose passion is to write poetry. He is a real estate appraiser who resides in California.

McNeese writes: “This book was called Miracle Man for several reasons, and the first reason was because of what happened to me in December 2018, from training in the gym to life support fighting for my life twelve. hours later. I had arrived for a doctor’s appointment, and the next thing I knew they rushed me to the emergency room at Hoag Hospital because my blood pressure was so low they couldn’t believe as I walked into the office. The next thing I remember was waking up surrounded by family members and my wife who told me that I had been on life support for three weeks. My heart had stopped three times and a few hours before they had decided to let the doctors disconnect me because they said there was no way I would get well. Well, here I write about my experience. But in fact my life has seen one miracle after another due to mostly physical challenges throughout my life. A lot of people thought I was a hypochondriac because of all the physical challenges I had to overcome from birth being legally blind and no one found out until a first grade teacher said to my parents: “I don’t think Patrick is stupid. I don’t think Patrick can see. And from there the book progresses from incident to incident, ending with the three week story. life expectancy on life support and nearly four months in hospital.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Patrick McNeese’s new book reminds everyone that miracles are real for those who believe in him. With this book, the author wants readers to know that God never leaves His children alone.

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Consumers can purchase “Miracle Man” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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