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Pilot on life support after trying to protect his girlfriend in yesterday’s plane crash east of Willits

The pilot of the plane that crashed east of Willits yesterday is on life support after suffering head trauma, a close family friend told us this morning.

Despite initial reports, yesterday’s plane crash left two injured, the pilot and his girlfriend. The pilot allegedly “sacrificed his body for his girlfriend and threw himself on her when he knew the plane would crash” taking the hardest impact.

Information in the Federal Aviation Administration Accident and Incident Reporting System said the “plane experienced engine problems and crashed while landing on a private runway and burst into flames”.

After the plane crashed, the pilot’s girlfriend allegedly “grabbed him and pulled him out of the burning plane as he was unconscious”. She suffered internal bleeding requiring surgery. Meanwhile, the pilot is fighting for his life, a close friend told us.

Multiple sources said the crash did not occur at Eden Valley Ranch airfield as originally reported, but at a recently installed airstrip located on private land.

The family friend confirmed that was correct. The airstrip they were trying to land on is on the property of the pilot’s father.

The pilot’s loved one has refuted claims online that the pilot and his girlfriend were associated with the cannabis industry. “They are outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, hard workers who had a serious accident,” she told us.

Investigators identified the craft as an American-made Maule M-7, a single-engine light aircraft well known to civilian aircraft.

Initial notes on the incident within the FAA called the event an “accident” that resulted in “serious” injury and “substantial” damage.

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