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Police: officer injured in ambush dies

Thursday 23 December 2021
Amy Lu, WBAL-TV 11

A Baltimore police officer who was ambushed last Thursday has died after being removed from the resuscitation system.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison provided update Thursday.

“Our prayers go out to Constable Holley’s family and loved ones, his colleagues and the entire community,” said Harrison. I thank her, as well as the entire BPD community, for their commitment, service and sacrifice. We mourn the death of Agent Holley together and we will heal together. “

Officer Keona Holley, 39, was turned around 1:35 am last Thursday in the 4400 block of Pennington Avenue. It was a mother, sister and daughter who the mayor said volunteered to work overtime in an area known for violence.

Baltimore Mayor Scott said in a statement, “I offer my deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Keona Holley, a dedicated public servant who has worked selflessly to protect our community. Baltimore will never forget the sacrifice and commitment of Officer Holley to making a difference in his beloved city. I ask everyone to keep Officer Holley’s family in your prayers as they go through the holiday season without her mother, daughter, sister and loyal friend. “

The investigation so far

Police said detectives indicted two men in connection with Holley’s shooting and the shooting death of a man nearby. The commissioner said investigators did not know of a motive, but suspects knew the victim during the second shooting.

“Although we had in-depth talks, we don’t quite have a motive. We don’t know why they did this. We have an absolute confession that they did, they were there. ‘have no motive as to why, “Harrison mentioned.

Holley’s older sister Lawanda Sykes spoke of Holley’s dedication to her work at a press conference Thursday night: “She took on this job, she took on this responsibility. That was my sister’s goal. to serve the City of Baltimore Police Department My sister was dedicated to this job – she came in early, she stayed late, she spent countless hours away from her children to serve the community in the Southern District . I’m going to ask you, if you have an honest, decent, empathetic bone in your body that you talk about and say something. Come out and say something. The person who did that to my sister, you are a coward. tried to suffocate her and take something you can’t. She’s stronger than you ever will be, and the force behind her is stronger than you ever will be. “

Sykes stood in front of Shock Trauma alongside his mother and Holley’s daughters.

“I ask you to keep her covered, to pray for her, to pray for us,” said Sykes. “Understand that my sister, she is the yin of my yang, all that I have ever known. She is the other part of me, and I refuse to give her up for anyone – especially a city that doesn’t appreciate her. not.”

Officer Holley loved in the Curtis Bay community

Neighbors said Holley was loved in her community of Curtis Bay. Many people along Pennington Avenue told 11 News that they knew Holley well and described her as a kind and caring person.

Resik Patel, owner of the Soda Pop Shop, which is across from where Holley was shot, said she is more than a cop, she is a good friend.

“I feel so bad,” Patel said. “She’s a nice policewoman. Every time she worked the night shift, she (came in) when we closed, ‘Hey, daddy, how are you?’ On morning duty, she arrives around 12 noon. She was talking. She was a nice officer and I feel so bad. “

Holley’s neighbors were in disbelief at the news.

“It’s just, it’s horrible. I mean, this is really horrible news. She’s such a nice girl. I’m speechless,” said Rose Smith, a neighbor. “She would have stories about our pets and she adores our little dog. She comes and goes. Very polite and very kind young woman. I am amazed. I am shocked.”

The Signal 13 foundation comes to the aid of the family in case of need.

Those who wish to provide financial support to Holley’s family, can do it here and click on the “Donate” button.

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