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Preserve your life story, share wisdom in the Legacy Letters Workshop

PALOS HEIGHTS, IL — Tell your story, share your memories, and impart your wisdom during a Legacy Letter workshop on Monday, February 28 with Palos Heights attorney Eileen Kerlin Walsh. The workshop will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the O’Hara and Friends Lounge, 7008 W. 127th St., Palos Heights.

“An inherited letter, historically known as an ethical testament, is a letter about the meaning of the writer’s life for the benefit of himself and others. It is a journey down memory lane to reveal the experiences that shaped the writer’s worldview,” according to the Kerlin Walsh Law website. “The result is an amalgamation of ancestry, memoir and inspirational guide. It forever captures the writer’s place in history and enriches the lives of its readers. This deep human instinct to leave a mark has a legacy There are examples of inherited letters and ethical letters Wills dating back thousands of years The intent of an inheritance letter is not just to tell stories The intent is to gift reflections on these stories to loved ones.

Kerlin Walsh will lead participants to rekindle their memories, so they can pass on their wisdom in a letter to friends, family and future generations. It’s a special gift and the perfect time of year to start your letter. It will help you start signing your letter, write a short section, and then wrap it up. The end result is a great gift for your loved ones.

All participants need a notepad and pen, or your preferred device, such as a laptop or tablet. To register, call 708-448-5169 or email [email protected]

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