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Shaurya, 12, spends 65 days on ECMO resuscitator, recovers without lung transplant

Shaurya developed severe lung complications after contracting COVID-19 in August.


In a first for India and Asia, a 12-year-old recovered after 65 days on what is a life support system called ECMO, without a lung transplant.

The 12-year-old boy from Uttar Pradesh, who was airlifted to Hyderabad from Lucknow, after developing severe lung complications after contracting COVID-19, has made a full recovery after fighting for his life for more than four months, in what is said to be the first such case in Asia.

Shaurya’s recovery came as a nice Christmas present for his parents, who have been through the ordeal since August when their child was infected with covid but was not diagnosed with covid at this stage. It was labeled as an undiagnosed viral pneumonia.

The miraculous recovery was credited to respiratory doctors at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad using cutting-edge technology, and dedicated paramedics who refused to become pessimistic even when the boy’s chances of recovery seemed remotely slim.

Ndtv met Shaurya at KIMS Hyderabad gymnasium where he was doing physiotherapy with his coaches which was a very important part of the recovery process.

“I am so grateful to the doctors and paramedics who have not just given my baby boy back to me, but my whole life,” Shaurya’s emotional mother Renu Shrivastava told NDTV.

Her husband, Rajeev Saran, a lawyer in Lucknow, said he wanted the world and Indians to know that through cutting edge medical science and the efforts of doctors and paramedics, the impossible could be made possible.

“We don’t have ECMO in Lucknow. Like most others, I actually didn’t know anything about ECMO, and it saved my son’s life. I’m so proud that this kind of setup of doctors and staff exists in India. They went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our son when he was inside the intensive care unit, all alone,” Mr Saran said. .

“I have to add that I think it was still very affordable for the kind of effort they put in and the outcome,” Mr Saran added.

Shaurya was flown to Hyderabad after his health deteriorated after being infected with Covid in August. He was put on a ventilator and then put on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) – a technology where blood is sent to a heart-lung machine outside the body to oxygenate the blood and remove carbon dioxide – while his condition was getting worse. The boy has now fully recovered after 65 days of recovery without having to undergo a lung transplant.

Now fully recovered and ready to return home, the boy – who has shown resilience, courage and strength – has only one wish: he hopes to meet his icon MS Dhoni, whom he greatly admires.

In August, a 56-year-old man from Chennai recovered after 109 days on ECMO and life support without having to undergo a lung transplant.

Doctors said the man, Mudijja, was a “living miracle” at the time, as no one in the country had ever recovered without a lung transplant after spending more than 9 weeks with ECMO support.

Shaurya is the longest time a pediatric patient has been on ECMO for survival in all of Asia. The patient suffered from a multiorgan infection due to Covid-19

This young child had been on life support using effective veno-venous ECMO for over 65 days. Care involved close monitoring of other organ functions, improved nutrition, physical rehabilitation, and advanced lung recovery maneuvers during ECMO.

“The challenge with small children is their delicate bodies. This critical COVID disease leads to multiple comorbidities, muscle weakness caused by the drugs used to treat the primary disease, repeated infections in the bloodstream, and secondary infections in their airways. beyond dense non-density. This is by far the longest reported ECMO bridge to recovery in a child with severe COVID pneumonia,” said Dr. Sandeep Attawar, who performed the maximum count lung transplants in the country.

The treatment of children with severe COVID exemplifies the overall capability of a high quality critical care, respiratory and transplant team. This is probably the only reported case in the country of a child who was kept in this survival mode for more than two months and who fully recovered from his infection.

“Dr. Sandeep Attawar and the Transplant Team at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospitals are first among equals. The high quality results they strive for and achieve, time and time again, and their achievements demonstrate their commitment and the facilities of KIMS, added Dr. Abhinay Bollineni, Managing Director of KIMS Hospitals.

Dr Vijil Chief of Transplant Pulmonology, KIMS Heart & Lung Institute commented “When the patient came to see us, his lungs were completely affected and stiff and unable to supply oxygen to his body. With the support of ECMO , his lung was rested and gradually healed and regained enough function to sustain him. We have one of the largest and most experienced ECMO teams in the country with dedicated physicians and support staff without whom such a remarkable recovery would not have been possible”

Dr BP Singh, Senior Pulmonologist and Primary Physician at Midland Health Care and Research Center commented “The child with advanced covid pneumonia was transferred from our Midland Health Care and Research Center Lucknow, UP at KIMS Hospital Hyderabad by KIMS team It is very encouraging to know that the child has fully recovered and is discharged from the hospital It was a very satisfying effort by the combined medical team from Midland Hospital, Lucknow and KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad to achieve a positive result”

Dr Prabhat Dutta, Chief Intensivist, KIMS Heart & Lung Transplant Institute, commented “This boy had severe illness syndrome on arrival. This also included myopathy caused by steroids and immunomodulatory therapy for severe covid. This took a Herculean effort for over 2 months until he recovered well enough for the ECMO to be discontinued It’s truly a satisfying moment for us I thank the team for nurses and physiotherapists for their tireless efforts”

Dr. Sandeep Attawar is one of the most experienced heart and lung transplant surgeons in the country. A veteran in the field of transplant surgeries with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Attawar has to date performed over 12,000 cardiac surgeries and has over 350 transplant surgeries for lungs, heart and artificial heart in its active. In treating this patient, Dr. Attawar was supported by a team of experts and support staff, who monitored the child around the clock for over two months.

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