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Solange Knowles recounts a cosmic life for Cognac Louis XIII

So 13 billion years crammed into less than three minutes. A big bang for your buck!

“Time and space are really at the root of my expressions,” Knowles says in a statement. “I strongly believe that the space and time that surrounds our work is just as important as the work itself. The question of time is always in my container of consciousness when I create. In most of my own work, qu whether they are musical, cinematic or sculptural, I try to think about how future generations will discover it.”

This philosophy aligns with the creative approach of Louis XIII and Rémy, she adds, which alters temporal themes to illustrate a dedication to care, craftsmanship and quality.

Below, the team at Fred & Farid LA, speaking collectively, explains how the awe-inspiring, immersive, and unapologetically indulgent journey took shape:

Muse: You left. really big here. Did you plan to do something more contained, like your work with Usher, but the idea just kept growing?

Fred & Farid: That was the concept from the start. With “Mother Earth” as the central character, we wanted to give context to the story with the creation of the universe and the birth of our planet. This perspective elevates the message and gives it a spiritual flavor. The entire company believes in the power of time to achieve great things.

Why did you choose Solange, Queen Bey’s younger sister, as a star?

We all loved Solange’s work – the artistry, the sophistication, the minimalism, the cerebral approach, the sense of symbolism, the power of her imagery, the elevation, the rhythm. There is a depth to her. It had to be her. [For the soundtrack] Of course, we gave him total freedom of composition.

What made Mati Diop the best choice to lead?

Solange chose the director. She wanted to work with Mati, among other very talented directors she had selected. Mati won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival with her feature film Atlantics. We were absolutely delighted to work with her.

What bits of the movie stand out in your mind? The levitation sequence was certainly awesome.

The challenge of the levitation scene was to shoot it gracefully, so it didn’t feel like a challenge. The scene is hypnotic, mysterious, like in a dream. Also, Solange’s approach, followed by Mati’s camera in the main hallway, is exceptional and deeply touching. We feel Solange’s magnetism, but also her power and strength.

Were they inspirations from 2001 or from Lurpak? Or modern sci-fi films, perhaps?

There are a lot of influences in the storytelling. [These include] the millennial icon of Mother Earth, the presence and voice of Solange, Sacred Femininity… retro-futurism with a Chinese aura, space and infinity, the loop, the circularity of time.

Yet you sell cognac. Isn’t that a bit over the top, maybe way over the top?

Today’s brands have to represent something. Meaning is everything. Time has always been Louis XIII’s raw material. What’s wrong with celebrating that?


Brand: Leonardo Ferracina, general manager of LOUIS XIII
Brand: Alix de Boisset, Communications Director LOUIS XIII
Brand: Ingrid Gnanadicom, Head of Digital Communication LOUIS XIII
Brand: Andréa Foraison, Communication Manager LOUIS XIII

Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Creative directors: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Nicolas Berthier
Artistic director of the agency: Radouane Guissi, Bridget Callahan
Junior agency writer: Ciana Alessi
Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
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Legal: Véronique Hassid, Regan McCrohon-Hoff

Production company: DIVISION
Director: Mati Diop
Executive producers: Laure Salgon & Jules de Chateleux
Production Service Co: TwentyfourSeven
Executive producer: Oriol Rodriguez
Producer: Aurélie Bruneau
Production coordinator: Marie Mezeray
DOP: Olivier Gossot
Head of make-up: Miguel Ramos
Hairdresser: Evanie Frausto
Head of Styling: Kyle Luu
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Production designer: Marie Lanna
Choreographer/Movement Director: Maya Alexis
Photographer: Renell Medranao
BTS Video & Photos: Manuel Obadia-Wills

Post production manager: Clémence Cuvelie
Chief editors: Adriana Legay, Stéphane Peirrera
Deputy editors: Roxane Faure Huet, Zoé Sassier, Elodie Fouqueau, Lola Bongiovanni
Supporting Author: Katie Dailey
Colorist: Arthur Paux
Fluids Director: Chris Parks
House of sound: Kouz
Sound producer: Grégoire Couzinier
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Head of office: Nathalie Catanzano

Visual and online effects: Mikros MPC
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Lightning, Compositing: Marouan El Bekri, Randy Gudin, Jérôme Auliac
Asset designer: Alex Corcoy
Flame: Sébastien Kremer
Music and score composer: Solange

Filming in Beijing:
Production Company: Beijing Eye
Executive Producer: Sasha Alderson
DOP Zhihan Zhang // Hans Zhang
Photographer: CheYan Kim

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