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Sport as a lifestyle brand, with LOTTO

For any emerging athlete aside from raw talent, the right advice and tools are maintained to gain and maintain fitness and health. Much of the sport involves the use of one’s feet, whether it’s running, playing soccer, jumping, or even playing tennis or badminton. Every athlete has different kit requirements, depending on their body and foot shape, and the right shoes can be hard to find, especially if you want the shoes to be washable as well. That is, unless you are visiting LOTTO stores in Bangladesh. The company has over 100 retail outlets and a similar number of franchise outlets across the country. It also employs over 1,500 people and, a testament to people’s confidence in the brand, has enjoyed growing demand even during the pandemic that hit the economy.

Founded in 1939, LOTTO Sports is an Italian sportswear manufacturer that has been producing and selling sportswear since 1973. It is currently present in over 110 countries, including Bangladesh.

Here, LOTTO has positioned itself as one of the most successful Italian sports shoe brands. The company entered Bangladesh in 2012 and has served Bangladeshi consumers ever since. Within 9 years, the company opened stand-alone LOTTO outlets across the country. The growth in the number of stores is due to the growing demand and subsequent love for the brand from loyal customers, helping to make the specialty footwear brand a key player in the retail footwear category of our country. This has helped the Bangladeshi Lotto licensee grow to be the most dynamic of his cohort, with the highest per capita turnover in the world.

The technology behind the shoes

The shoes provide maximum cushioning and stability during pushing movements during a run, making them ideal tennis and football shoes. The rubber inserts further help to keep the foot on a neutral plane by distributing any type of impact, evenly over the entire foot. This year, the brand is focusing on promoting its Adapt to memory foam technology and Breeze Light technology as an additional feature to maximize the benefits of sports shoes. Their existing lines offer different types of support for the different needs of individual athletes, starting with full breathability, additional and appropriate padding as well as lightweight material.

Learn more about Breeze Light

The Breeze Light sock liner ensures full air circulation for an always dry feel. The Breeze Light variants are comfortable, lightweight and infinitely fashionable shoes with new uppers, materials and lacing.

Learn more about Adapt to Memory Foam

It offers maximum comfort from the first use. These shoes are also machine washable at low temperature. Also offering a polymer compound with particular density for more comfort and lightness. Adapt to Memory foam shoes instantly adapt to the shape of your feet and help heat seal along the perimeter of the insole for maximum strength over time.

Finally, reasons to indulge in a pair of LOTTO sports

The brand has entered all forms of sports categories such as basketball, volleyball, track and field and even soccer while also being a leader in the category of professional tennis and football shoes.

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