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Stepsisters take twists and turns in their life story to finally meet

Elizabeth Arado and April Arong Parusal share an embrace as they reunite in Lapu-Lapu City. Before he died in 2012 at the age of 82, Elizabeth’s father, Percival, confessed to Elizabeth that he had another family and asked Elizabeth to seek out her other siblings. Courtesy of: Lapu-Lapu City PIO

(UPDATED) Elizabeth Arado, 62, a midwife at the Lapu-Lapu City Health Bureau, couldn’t believe she had finally met her sister, granting her father’s dying wish to find another mother’s siblings .

Before his death in 2012 at the age of 82, Arado’s father, Percival, confessed to him that he had another family and asked him to look for them.

It was difficult for Arado to fulfill her father’s request, as she didn’t know where to start. And every time she thought she had made progress, she hit a dead end.

But five years ago, she didn’t know that she had already met her sister.

April Arong Parusal, 40, a medical technologist with the Lapu-Lapu city health office, was impressed when she finally met Arado on May 24, thanks to the contact tracing efforts of city epidemiologist Grace Mary Chan- Carungay.

“Clumsy and cheerful kay wala na ko magdahom. (It’s embarrassing, I’m happy because I didn’t expect it anymore),” Parusal said in an interview with the Lapu-Lapu City Public Information Office.

It wasn’t until last month that Parusal noticed a city health department employee with her father’s last name in the list of employees and their uniform sizes. It was Carungay who made a move to track down the employee and found Arado, who was assigned to Olango Island.

Carungay interviewed them separately and learned the same story about their father.

Arado, who is single, has seven other siblings. Percival Arado Sr. was married to Elizabeth’s mother and he had an affair with April’s mother, Amelita.

Percival and Amelita have three children – Teodorico, who recently passed the bar and is now a lawyer; April; and Marlyn, who is a teacher.

Not so long ago, April learned that she was the adopted daughter of the couple Praxedes and Jesus, originally from the city of Cordoba. She met her biological mother, Amelita, only after graduating from college when her adoptive parents finally told her the truth.

She then learned later that younger sister Marlyn was also adopted by Jesus’ sister, while older brother Teodorico was raised by their mother.

At first, April couldn’t believe how complicated her life story was, but she said she understood that her birth mother, Amelita, just wanted them to have a better life.

She is also grateful to have a good and kind adoptive family. His chance to finally meet Elizabeth and learn the whole truth turned out to be a happy ending amid all the twists and turns.

April and Elizabeth shared their story at Lapu-Lapu City PIO, a meeting that brought tears and applause to city hall workers. – Report by DX Lapid

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