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The 6 girls become doctors; school dropout woman tells her life story | Good news | Saina and her 6 daughters who became doctors

Saina’s story is an inspiration to everyone. It is the story of a school dropout woman who educated her six daughters and made them into doctors. Saina had to give up her studies after the fifth standard. She was married to her TVP cousin Ahammed Kunjammed when she was only 12 years old.

The first time she set foot in her home in Nadapuram, she was terrified of her new life and was sad that she had left school.

“At that time my husband was running a business in Madras. We had our first daughter shortly after our wedding. He then traveled to Qatar and found a job with an oil company. He promised to take us with him. I was so excited. They quickly flew to Qatar and settled there quite well.

TVP Ahammed Kunjammed and Saina

“She was a very knowledgeable person. He read a lot and was ready to tell stories about different places and things in different corners of the world, ”she recalls.

Girls are precious

The couple had six daughters – the eldest is Fathima, Hajira, Ayisha, Fayiza, Rahnaz and the youngest is Ameera.

“Every time the women in our hometown heard about my childbirth, they worried about the future of our daughters. But I have never been worried about raising girls or sad about giving birth to six girls. I never thought of them as a burden. I was adamant that my children should study well and achieve good positions in their lives. My husband bought a lot of books for our daughters saying they should have general knowledge too, ”Saina said.

“Like I said, I quit my studies when I was in class 5. I was the most studious girl in my class at the time and the teachers loved me. Recently I went to my math teacher after his wife passed away. He placed his hand on my shoulder and asked me, “Why haven’t you studied?” I became very sad when hearing this. I immediately remembered my school time. No one encouraged me to study at the time. My father and mother had a lot of other things to fear. I was always afraid of my father, “she added.

It was common in those days to marry girls off at a young age. One day, when I got home from school, I was told that I had to get married the next day. After I got married, I told my husband that he could have encouraged me to study. He consoled me by telling me that we would educate our children well. This is how the education of our daughters has become our most important goal and our greatest happiness, ”she explained.

Respect for physicians

Saina had always believed that whatever the job, the company should benefit. It had been engraved in Saina’s mind that being a doctor fulfilled this goal. The two Ahammed Kunjammed also believed the same.

“There was a doctor named Kunjalikutty in Nadapuram. He was the first Muslim doctor in this region. My father’s brother was also a doctor. I saw the respect they earned from people because of their profession and I realized how much people value doctors. “

Saina’s second daughter, Dr Hajira still remembers the evenings in her house. “Our mother would call us all together and tell us one thing. ‘You have to study. There is no excuse. Our father would ask us what our plan was after the 10th standard. We would all say the same thing as answering that question – to become a doctor. We have all been inspired by those who have become doctors before us. I looked at my sister. Our younger sisters admired us. We had nothing else to fear, ”recalls Hajira.

Saina with her second daughter Dr Hajira and her grandson

Empower girls

Saina was thrilled when she saw all of her daughters fight towards their MBBS goal.

“Our third daughter Ayisha has expressed interest in joining LLB. I told her that she could first become a doctor and then go for the profession she loved if she was still interested. I was worried that if she became a lawyer her husband would allow her to work. But that was not a threat as far as the doctors’ case was concerned. I also knew that women could work safely in this field in any corner of the world. I said to my daughter, “I became a housewife. You shouldn’t have the same fate. Your father’s wish and my decision is that you become a doctor. ”Ayisha didn’t take the time to collect her dreams after hearing her mother’s words.

“Nowadays, a lot of girls go on to higher education. But what is unfortunate is that they are often married while they are studying. I know many who suffer this way. They are married after two or three years of BDS studies, they become pregnant the following year and give birth to babies the following year and are confined to the walls of their house. I was stubborn about not allowing such a thing to happen in my daughters’ lives, ”Saina said.

Saina with her daughters

The greatest loss in life

By the time Saina and her husband returned to Kerala after ending three decades of expatriate life, two of their eldest daughters had become doctors. Dr Fathima and Dr Hajira. The third and fourth daughters were studying MBBS during this time. The two youngest were still in school. It was during this time that the greatest tragedy of his life occurred.

“He wanted to stay in Qatar until the end of our daughters’ studies. But it was I who told him that we had to go back to our homeland and spend our last years together in our house. Almost two years after we returned to our home, he suffered a sudden heart attack and died as a result, ”she recalls.

With this, Saina lost the greatest strength of her life. This loss was not easy for her to overcome.

“We had only married two of our daughters at the time of his death. The others were still studying. Once a woman from my family came and said to me, “I did not appoint my children to be doctors, not because of their inability to study, but because they would be alone if anything happened to us. unfortunate thing. That’s why I married them soon. What this woman intended to say was that I was trapped since I had chosen to educate my daughters instead of marrying them. I didn’t say anything, I was still in shock after my husband passed away. But even then, I never felt like I was all alone with my kids, ”she said.


Courageous decisions

“Once a man called from Thiruvananthapuram with a proposal for my daughter. He asked me what we were planning to give our daughter. I replied that I would not give them anything for my daughter. He was surprised, so I asked him what his intention was. He told me that he has a son and a daughter and that he had to marry his daughter with the dowry obtained from his son’s marriage. I told him one thing: “I didn’t keep my daughter for sale.

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It is Saina’s greatest strength that she is able to make strong decisions and say it out loud in similar situations.

“My eldest daughter Fathima’s MRCP graduation ceremony will soon be held in London. She asks me to accompany her. She keeps telling me that I am the captain of all these dreams.

Saina is happy and satisfied with her life. She dreams of women sprouting wings and soaring into the sky. Limitless.

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