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The coloring book features the life story of Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin

A new coloring book pays tribute to Aretha Franklin on what would have been the Queen of Soul’s 80th birthday.

“She was a queen in every way. She was graceful. She was beautiful. She was the best at what she did,” said journalist and author Cynthia Henley.

Henley and her husband Curtis Lewis released a coloring book to honor Franklin and tell his life story.

The couple said the pandemic delayed the release of “Aretha Franklin: Amazing Grace,” but the book is finally here.

“It’s a long time coming. It’s a great day,” Henley said.

Lewis, who is a close friend of the Franklin family, said he wanted to share stories about the singer and the challenges she overcame.

“When she died, it was like losing a family member,” he said, “Aretha, she used to go to the library. She sang to kings, popes, presidents, etc. But I was told when she went to the library to read to the children, she was nervous.”

The couple hopes to share a message not only with children, but also with adults.

“That’s what we want our kids and all kids, not just kids, but even adults, to see — you can thrive no matter what your circumstances are,” Henley said.

The goal is to introduce coloring books into school systems.

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