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The Life Story of Bryony in Pompey John’s Bookstore

THE PETERSFIELD Bookshop is one of two bookstores to carry the recently published semi-autobiographical book The Girl from Pompey by Bryony Best.

Bryony, 37, was born and raised in Portsmouth and has had an interesting life.

She currently lives on Hayling Island with her fiance and her beloved Chihuahua dog.

But Bryony was once in a very dark place.

She had an alcoholic father, suffered from drug addiction, other suicide attempts, and along the way she was desperately trying to find her way back.

After struggling with both drug addiction and alcoholism for many years, Bryony escaped death to recover and lead a healthy, sober life.

It was thanks to the recovery of Bryony, who began at St James’ Rehab in Portsmouth, that inspiration struck and a new addiction began to develop.

She became obsessed with finding the key to happiness and fulfillment.

The Girl from Pompey is a shared collection of research and answers she discovered.

Data was collected from a variety of backgrounds, including adults, friends, family, colleagues and strangers.

Since the book’s release in November, Bryony has been overwhelmed by the support and feedback from locals and local shop owners.

The Petersfield Bookstore in Chapel Street and JK Wellness in Drayton were the first companies to stock and sell the book.

But he has been “tagged” on social networks in this country and abroad.

Bryony said: “I was afraid to share the book with the world, but I can honestly say that I feel both honored and privileged for all the support I have received.”

The Girl From Pompey follows Bryony as she searches for answers, seeking them from people who cross her path.

Family fences need fixing, and so does his life.

She’s a girl on a mission with a burning question: what is happiness and fulfillment? Who has it and how can she get it? During her quest, will she answer his questions?

In addition to writing, Bryony has worked as a trained holistic therapist and has led a very different lifestyle for many years now.

A day like any other usually begins with morning meditation, followed by writing a list of goals and tasks for the day.

Bryony studied and graduated to improve her life, she is board certified in animal psychology and enjoys helping animals.

She also obtained teaching degrees from the University of Surrey and is a motivational trainer and life coach.

Pompey’s Daughter costs £ 9.99 in paperback, and the downloadable Kindle version is £ 3.99 on Amazon.

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