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The post office delivers a man’s letter with only his “life story” as an address

London – The UK postal service, the Royal Mail, was able to determine who an unaddressed letter was intended for when the sender only included the recipient’s first name, postcode and ‘life history’.

“Feargal, lives across the road from the Spar, his Ma + Da had owned it, his mother was Mary + Da, Joseph, moved to Waterfoot after her wedding, plays guitar and ran nightclubs in the church hall and the hotel in the 80s. Friends with the guy also run the butchers at Waterfoot, “the addresses section said. The postcode was also included which at least puts it in the right area in North Ireland.

A mailman from the local sorting office said he was able to immediately identify who the letter was intended for.

“One of the sorters said, ‘Look at this, do you know who it is?'” Postman Fergus McAllister told CBS News partner network BBC News. “I said, ‘I know exactly who it’s for,’ and he said, ‘I feel like I know him too, because his whole life story is on the front. “

Feargal Lynn, the recipient of the letter, had started writing people to help lift their spirits during the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, a friend of his visited his town and they met and talked about work pressure and mental health. Feargal told her about his letters and she asked him to write her one.

Seeking to avoid any stressful topics, he sent her a note about coleslaw, but didn’t include a return address.

When the letter with Feargal’s life story arrived at her home, “It was a very simple mental health phrase. And then she went straight to this amazing coleslaw recipe and a note on coleslaw “.

Feargal said he was happy his efforts to keep up the morale and that of others during difficult times worked.

“Men especially have to be honest and honest and say ‘I’m not okay.’ It’s about finding something to take you away from that.”

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