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The real life story of Mike O’Leary’s creepy disappearance and how the police caught his killer

Fans of real crime will be drawn to tonight’s ITV documentary No Body Recovered, as it delves into the case of the mysterious disappearance of Welsh father of three Mike O’Leary.

When Mike apparently disappeared in midair on his way home from work in January 2020, a police investigation was launched to locate him.

Instead, however, they discovered that his family had received a very unusual text from him, before finding Mike’s abandoned truck by a river four miles from his home in Camarthen, West Wales. .

Soon it tragically emerged that Mike had been brutally murdered – although a body was never found.

Mike O’Leary from Carmarthenshire in Wales mysteriously disappeared on his way home from work

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Now ITV is reopening the case file to give viewers exclusive access to the complicated police investigation that followed to find out what happened that fateful night.

Using archival footage of interviews with the team that worked on the case, as well as several family members, the unique documentary will show the efforts they made to achieve justice for the victim. of the Mike murder.

Viewers will see how local builder Andrew Jones became a person of interest to law enforcement almost immediately after it emerged that Mike had been having an affair with his wife.

But without a body, it was an almost impossible task for the detectives, so they dug deep to build a case against Andrew.

No Body Recovered examines the scary case in detail
No Body Recovered examines the scary case in detail

The team worked together by browsing CCTV footage, examining cellphone data and analyzing forensic evidence to get their answers.

A huge breakthrough occurred when they discovered that the last sighting of Mike alive and well was on Andrew’s abandoned farmhouse.

After conducting a thorough search of the property and grounds, police eventually found shirt buttons, which contained a tiny trace of blood invisible to the naked eye. DNA analysis on the blood proved it matched Mike’s.

Backed into a corner, Andrew admitted he had met Mike on the night in question and was the last person to see him.

Andrew Jones was convicted of the murder of Michael O'Leary after a trial at Swansea Crown Court
Andrew Jones was convicted of the murder of Michael O’Leary after a trial at Swansea Crown Court

It was then that the most crucial part of the investigation began, as detectives rushed against the clock to indict the man they believed to have committed the crime.

Inspector Llyr Williams, who worked on the case, explains: “We were only able to hold Andrew for 96 hours. “

“The first step in an investigation is obviously intense when you have a collapsing calendar, a custody clock. Many of the staff on the team were working on adrenaline after working long hours to achieve the level of proof we needed to get a charge. ”

“I think the main goal for everyone is to get justice for the family and get answers.”

Police worked tirelessly to seek justice for murder victim
Police worked tirelessly to seek justice for murder victim

However, without the body as evidence, it was difficult to prove that Mike was dead, so the team came to their senses and found CCTV footage of Mike’s truck being driven by the riverside, which according to data from the cell phone, belonged to Andrew.

Further evidence came when they found more CCTV footage of a cyclist returning from the area shortly after – a man they believed to be Andrew.

Chief Inspector Paul Jones, the lead investigating officer, explained how it changed everything in their investigation.

He explains, “We had literally minutes left on the custody clock when the call came in, say yes, murder charge.”

Police investigation resulted in trial
Police investigation resulted in trial

But, as the case went to court and Andrew was convicted, there was still no sign of Mike’s body – something his family desperately wanted so they could get the answers they needed.

Mike Wayne O’Leary’s son says: “We still don’t know what happened that night. You know, Andrew’s story, he’s been lying from the start. I don’t think we’ll ever know.

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