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The real story behind the drama

Elle Fanning and Cara Buono star in Plainville’s daughter. (Hulu)

True Crime Inspired Drama Plainville’s daughter launches on StarzPlay on Sunday, telling the chilling story of a teenage boy who died by suicide after being encouraged by his girlfriend.

Michelle Carter was convicted of manslaughter for sending thousands of messages to Conrad Roy III encouraging his death when they were just teenagers.

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Elle Fanning as Carter in Plainville’s daughteralongside Colton Ryan as Roy, Chloe Sevigny as his mother Lynn, and Cara Buono as Gail, Carter’s mother.

Here’s everything you need to know about the case the eight-part series is based on.

What happened between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III?

The Girl From Plainville --

Elle Fanning and Chloe Sevigny play Michelle Carter and Lynn Roy. (Hulu)

Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III were dating at the time of his death in 2014, when he was 18 and she was 17.

They had only met in person a few times after meeting on vacation in Florida, but had stayed in touch and messaged each other regularly.

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Roy suffered from anxiety and depression, which had caused him to mention suicide before, but earlier in their relationship Carter had made efforts to talk him out of it.

The Girl From Plainville --

The drama delves into Carter’s trial. (Hulu)

However, things changed between the two men in the months before Roy’s death when Carter began supporting his suggestions to end his life and, the week of his death, sent over a thousand posts on the subject even when he had messaged her. on other topics.

Carter also spoke to Roy on the phone just before his death and, according to text messages she sent to another friend, urged him to commit suicide again during the conversation.

Has Michelle Carter been found guilty of manslaughter?

The Girl From Plainville --

Chloe Sevigny plays the role of Conrad Roy’s mother. (Hulu)

Roy was found dead in July 2014, but investigations into his death took an unexpected turn when Carter’s messages were uncovered.

She was tried and convicted of manslaughter as a young offender rather than a minor, meaning she could be sentenced as an adult.

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However, after a number of appeals, Carter was eventually sentenced to 15 months in prison and five years probation in 2019, but was released early for good behavior and served less than a year.

In an interview in the United States, Lynn Roy said of Carter’s grief, “15 months go by in the blink of an eye and I have a lifetime without my son.”

Where is Michelle Carter now?

Carter was released from prison in January 2020 and is now 24 years old.

She has stayed out of the spotlight since her release from prison, but the case has continued to draw public attention.

In the United States, a TV movie called Conrad & Michelle: If words could kill was broadcast, along with a two-part television documentary titled I Love You, Die Now: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carterand the group SKYND released a single titled ‘Michelle Carter’ in 2021.

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Plainville’s daughter begins streaming on StarzPlay on Sunday, July 10.

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