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The tragic real-life story of Robert Redford

According to his authorized biography, Robert Redford graduated from Van Nuys High School in 1954, with adequate grades but an impressive athletic resume. It won him acceptance to the University of Colorado Boulder, which had a baseball program that impressed Redford, and there was talk he could win an athletic scholarship if he did well on field. But once classes started, Redford focused on studying the art and gave up on his baseball ambitions.

Struggling to make friends, he began hanging out with a senior member of the UCB chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Socializing helped Redford break out of his self-imposed isolation and even increase his artistic output, but it would also lead to his downfall. Within months, Redford was a regular in campus “drinking circles,” drinking heavily, pulling pranks and spending more time drag racing and riding motorcycles than studying, according to NPR. .

Redford wouldn’t finish college. After his mother died when he was 18, Redford began to drink even more, to the point of losing his baseball scholarship. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to attend college and was asked to drop out of the University of Colorado, according to the Express.

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