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The tragic real story of Robin Williams

After Williams died by suicide, numerous reports detailed her experiences with depression throughout her life, but her family was quick to point out that depression was not the main factor. “It wasn’t the depression that killed Robin,” said Williams, wife Susan. “Depression was one of the 50 symptoms, and it was a small one.” On the flip side, a Guardian article describes Susan telling ABC News that Williams had been sober for eight years before her death, but her chronic depression had resurfaced.

Whether or not he was clinically depressed, Robin was constantly worried about losing everything he had worked for.

“Dad’s happiness was very correlated with how he made his career,” Williams’s son Zak later explained. “When there were films that were less successful, he took it very personally. He took it as a personal attack. It was really hard for us to see.”

Itzkoff writes in “Robin” that Williams feared “that his position in the comedy world could be usurped at any time by a rising young star,” with Jim Carrey mentioned as a specific source of anxiety.

Williams ‘friend, Monty Python’s veterinarian Eric Idle, believed depression had had an effect on Williams’ final days. Speaking to Vanity Fair about a time when Williams was supposed to come to London to be on an Idle project, he recalled: “He said he could come, but he didn’t want to be on stage. I said, ‘I totally understand.’ Because he was suffering from severe depression. “

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